Apartment in Taiwan | Alfonso Ideas

This renovated apartment is located in Taipei City, Taiwan.

It was designed by Alfonso Ideas.


Design Office: Alfonso Ideas

Location: Taipei City, Taiwan

Photographs: Alfonso Ideas


Tsai Residence | Tai & Architectural Design

Description by Tai & Architectural Design:

Tsai Residence is our first interior project in Taiwan and the context of this project should be addressed.
Nowadays, in many city such as Hong Kong, Tokyo, Taipei even London, the “young people” cannot afford to buy a property to settle down as a “home” because of the high price of the house.
The is the phenomenal young people have to face, and we believe in this situation, the architects have to take the responsibility to control the budget and also keep the quality of the space.
We tried to explore the possibility to design a rental property as a good place to live in for young people.
The apartment is being rented by a couple working in the city centre, who asked Tai & Architectural Design to create an interior that can be reverted once their lease is up.
This property can be only rented for five years from the government and the user needs to return it in the same condition.
We kept this apartment as minimal as possible so it can be easily reverted to its original state.
All the surfaces are painted white to keep the space bright and clean, including the ductwork and electric cables exposed across the ceiling.

Design Office: Tai & Architectural Design

Location: Taipei, Taiwan

Photographs: Kyle Yu

Apartment in Taiwan | C.H. Interior

Design Office: C.H. Interior

Location: Taipei, Taiwan


Modern Apartment | HAO Design

Design Office: HAO Design

Location: Kaohsiung City, Taiwan

Photographs: Hey!Cheese

Apartment in Taiwan | PMD


Design Office: PMD

Location: Taiwan


Residence in Taiwan | KC Design Studio

Design Office: KC Design Studio

Location: Taipei, Taiwan


Apartment in Taiwan | HAO Design studio

Design Studio: HAO Design studio

Location: Taiwan

Photographs: Hey!Cheese Photography

K House | AworkDesign

Design Office: AworkDesign

Location: Taipei City, Taiwan

The Wooden Apartment | PartiDesign Studio

Design Office: PartiDesign Studio

Location: Taiwan

Photographs: Hey! Cheese Photography

Outer Space for Kids | HAO Interior Design

Design Office: HAO Interior Design

Location: Kaohsiung City, Taiwan

Photographs: Hey! Cheese Photography

Chorus | Ganna Design Studio

Description by Ganna Design Studio:

This is a place full of memories of growth for the hostess. She grown up and lived with her parents in this house, which is a 30 years house with mezzanine. Regarding to the design genre, the style, influenced by the religion of this family and the two little daughters, tends to be changed from sedate dark to vigorous colors.

The design point is the colorful window ornamented in the stairwell.  The concept of this colorful window generates from beautiful glass windows in a church. This window view provides a wonderful corner for the users to take a breath and think deeply.

Design Office: Ganna Design Studio

Location: Taipei, Taiwan

Photographs: Siew Shien Sam / MWphotoinc

Minimalist Loft | Oliver Interior Design

Description by Oliver Interior Design:

The project has 423.5 SQM (4,560 SQFT) space, the home owner likes his home to be decorated with modern simple style. It has 5 bedrooms, plus living and kitchen.

The entrance looks broad and has magnificent marble partition. The dining and kitchen adopted open patterns. TV wall, a super eye sucking area, looks to have even deeper sense of space with stone paper ornament. The master bedroom used mirror to create the depth of view.

The entire project reflects the desire from most wealthy Taiwanese to provide a comfortable and not luxury living space for their family.

Design Office: Oliver Interior Design

Location: Kaohsiung City, Taiwan

New Old Apartment | Miemasu

Design Office: Miemasu

Location: Taipei, Taiwan

Photographs: Hey!Cheese

Overlap Apartment | Ganna Design Studio

Design Office: Ganna Design Studio

Location: Taoyuan, Taiwan

The family Playground | HAO Interior Design

Design Office: HAO Interior Design

Location: Kaohsiung city, Taiwan

Photographs: Hey! Cheese Photography