Lake House | Dransfeldarchitekten

This lake house is located in Steckborn, Switzerland.

It was designed by Dransfeldarchitekten.

Design Office: Dransfeldarchitekten

Location: Steckborn, Switzerland

Photographs: Dransfeldarchitekten


Germanier House | Savioz Fabrizzi Architecte

Description by Savioz Fabrizzi Architecte:

Vétroz, in the heart of the valais, boasts 170 hectares of vineyards. maison germanier, which dates from 1850, was originally the home of a wine grower and stands on a beautifully sunny, sloping site among the vines of the “pays de l’amigne”. the present owner of the building wanted to have it renovated.

The house consists of a substructure in rubble masonry, with a timber structure above. the stone part traditionally accommodated the premises associated with the land (wine cellar, stores for tools, foodstuffs, etc.), while the wooden part was the ideal envelope for the living spaces. the elements of the new project were designed with this traditional division of the building in mind. the daytime-use areas are in the upper part of the building and the bedrooms are on the intermediate level.

The varied nature of the structural materials is a particular feature of this building. thus, the rubble façades have had the render removed and the timbers are retained. the house is fully insulated inside, with mineral materials in the stone part (cement-bonded particle board, cement screed) and organic materials in the wooden part (larch panelling and original floor).

Design Office: Savioz Fabrizzi Architecte

Location: Vétroz, Switzerland

Photographs: Thomas Jantscher

House in Ranzo | Wespi de Meuron

Design Office: Wespi de Meuron

Location: Ranzo, Switzerland

Photographs: Hannes Henz

Engadina Modern | Carlo Donati Studio

Description by Carlo Donati Studio:

The aim of the project was to create a dialogue between the minimalist approach of the design, pure spaces and lines with the typically warm atmosphere of Engadine-style houses in Pontresina.
We wanted to combine sophisticated design with ironic, decorative motifs such as wallpaper with tree patterns or a custom-made elk antler chandelier.
The colours and materials used are meant to closely reflect those of the natural environment visible through the big windows: dark ebony wood for the kitchen furniture, doors and bath area, rough oak wood for the table, warm white Corian for the countertop and white wool for the sofa. Most importantly, local green-coloured rough Serpentine stone was used for the floors and fireplace.
The fireplace area in rough burnished brass is probably the most interesting part of the house, the focus of a strong perspectival axis.


Design Office: Carlo Donati Studio

Location: Pontresina, Switzerland

Photographs: Giorgio Possenti

A Single Family House | Christian von Düring architecte

Description by Christian von Düring architecte:

The challenge of this project was to integrate a large program on a relatively narrow plot while maintaining usable outdoor surfaces. An additional concern, was that the access to the plot being from the south, a solution had to be found to manage an entrance while ensuring privacy for the indoor and outdoor spaces.

The solution proposes two volumes on the ground floor, respectively a garage to the north and the living area to the south, connected above by a volume containing the bedrooms. In addition to the terrace to the south, the area resulting from the bridging of these two volumes offers a generous covered entry suitable for various activities. The house is accessed by a slightly elevated drive way that follows the western property line, bypassing the terrace and entering the house from the rear covered area.

Once inside, one is immediately faced with an open suspended staircase connecting to the above volume, through which one perceives a large room open onto the garden containing a kitchen with its large dining table and a spacious living room. Upstairs, a corridor running along the west facade connects the bedrooms and a central play-room. At each end there is a large bedroom with a balcony open to the outside. One overlooks the south terrace, while the other projects into the forest line bordering the plot.

The building is comprised of ground floor masonry volumes on which is placed a wooden structure made of two large trusses spanning the entire length. The insulated triangulated framework freely runs on the inside of the windows and provides a deep sill.

Composed of pre-grayed squared larch rods, the horizontal open joint cladding of the upper floor accentuates its longitudinal expression in order to reduce its volumetric impact. Placed at a 45 degree angle, the rods amplify this effect by the resulting shadows and in the long-term the aging will increase this effect due to the different exposures to the rain and sun.

Design Office: Christian von Düring architecte

Location: Tannay, Switzerland

Photographs: Thomas Jantscher

Magliocco House | savioz fabrizzi architectes

Description by savioz fabrizzi architectes:

surrounded by vines, the site enjoys a superb view of the mountains and the valley. the building is set into the slope of the site and tries to blend into the landscape through its proportions, the materials used, and the way in which it is rooted into the ground.

the building has a cellar level which is partially underground and a level above ground containing the living space. the slab on the ground floor joins the house to the ground to the north. between this slab and the roof slab, boxes enclose the rooms used at night and the service areas. the resultant empty spaces between these boxes are the daytime-use spaces, which are full of light thanks to the wide floor-to-ceiling windows. an outdoor terrace is sited close to the dining room, with a shady tree growing in an opening in the slab.

a platform of sanded white concrete set on a grey base forms the support for the boxes, whose rendered brown walls echo the colours of the vines in autumn. the roof slab, also in white concrete, covers the upper floor and supports a 4-sided sloping roof.

large canvas awnings are incorporated into the roof slab all around the building, providing protection from heat and glare. insulated glazing, good thermal insulation and a geothermal heat pump ensure optimum energy performance.

Design Office: savioz fabrizzi architectes

Location: Chamoson, Valais, Switzerland

Photographs: Thomas Jantscher

Walensee House | K_M Architektur

Description by K_M Architektur:

The location alone of this single family home in Unterterzen, with a clear view of lake Walensse and the mountains of Churfirsten is spectacular.

The property which is located on the slope of a green meadow offered the conditions to realize the floating design which captivates through its clear form and the use of natural materials using concrete, glass and wood as structural material.

A loggia encircles the building on the water side, fulfills an open living space and creates a flowing transition between interior and exterior with a fantastic panoramic view. The effect is intensified by sliding glass doors as high as the room itself on this side of the façade. The back of the house appears to be more closed.

Rooftop photovoltaic panels and a stove in the living room produce most of the energy for the home.

Design Office: K_M Architektur

Location: Unterterzen,  Switzerland

Photographs: K_M Architektur