Globus the Restaurant | 1919

Globus the Restaurant is located in Saint Petersburg, Russia.

It was designed by 1919 in 2014.

Description by 1919:

Finland’s proximity served as an inspiring factor in the development of this space. The building also, found itself surrounded by a dense belt of firry forest on two of its sides; a fact that added to a sort of natural “scandinavian countryside” feeling of the area.

We used as much of the structural elements of the building in the interior as was sanely possible. Materials was rather succinct and included oil-treated Wallnut and ash, powder-coated steel and exposed concrete.

A doughnut shaped mezzanine defined the double level open space. Intricately shaped but structurally simple gemini stairs provided the communication between the two levels.

A bare minimum of partitioning kept the space on the open side while still providing quite a few secluded corners for those who can be intimidated by such volume, or simply prefer a more intimate setting.

Design Office  : 1919
Location           : Saint Petersburg, Russia
Client                : Globus Group
Area                   : 3000 sqft
Project Year     : 2014
Photos               : Igor Simkin


Cafe “REDCUP” in Sochi, Russia | Allarts Design

Cafe “REDCUP” located in Sochi, Russia.

It was designed by  Saranin Artemy of Allarts Design in 2016.

Description by Allarts Design:

Bright interior of the new coffee REDCUP opened in Sochi (Southern Russia). On the interior worked Saranin Artemije of ALLARTSDESIGN studio (Russia, Perm).

Retro futuristic interior is stored immediately. The radial column with vertical rhythm beige pipes resemble bamboo trunks, colored furniture, the wall of the branded coffee cups and ever-changing red and white ornaments. On smiley from glasses with a smile looks Asian, her we drew in Perm – from the designer himself, we laid rectangular tiles and they had formed the image itself is supported -This message of eastern positions of menu coffee REDCUP.

The hall has stained-glass windows along the facade, through which gets a lot of natural light, and in the evening when the light is switched on, the atmosphere in the room becomes more warm and cozy.

Space coffee shop with a total area of 190 square meters consists of a variety of seating areas provided for the coffee break, or dinner in the company. The hall is fully mobile.

The original layout has not undergone changes. The radial column, non-parallel walls, all the broken geometry did not have initially. Columns and strange corners of walls – we beat beige pipes, hidden and soften the line. Around the central columns, we have placed a perimeter longsofu. Thereafter, the remaining areas have already formed. The ceiling was originally such. We changed the color, added cornices and ceiling lighting in circles.

Here you can relax, you can enjoy a taste of the rich flavor of real coffee and relax with a glass of beer crafting Urals.

Design Office       : Allarts Design
Designer               : Saranin Artemy
Location                : Sochi, Russia
Area (sq.m.)         : 190 m2
Project Year          : 2016
Photographs        : Saranin Artemy

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Restaurant “GASTROPORT” | Allarts Design

Restaurant “GASTROPORT” is located in Perm, Russia.

It was designed by  Saranin Artemy of Allarts Design in 2016.

Description by Allarts Design :

The new restaurant GASTROPORT, opened in Perm, Russian Federation. Above its design worked designer Saranin Artemy of ALLARTSDESIGN studio, together with Boris Kulinskiy restaurateur.

The restaurant is located on the bank of the Kama river in Perm, Russian Federation. Restaurant has panoramic windows and a perfect time – it is spending the evening sunset with excellent cuisine Nikki combines the features of Japanese and Peruvian gastronomy.

The institution makes to look at the newly renovated shop Perm river port. Based on the three relationships – wood, cement and brick designer and restaurateur created a completely new space in the city of Perm. The interior has a significant industrial footprint, underline the identification of architectural designs.

The entire restaurant is divided into multiple active zones – room, open kitchen, a bar and a mezzanine. The room has a high ceiling, in contrast to our other projects, and in this case, we have built a mezzanine – and which leads the central staircase hall.

The bathroom is separated fashionable strip and the island area. Door handles for cabins we made from whole northern birch. On the wall we used toilet patchwork ship, part of the ship, we cut down to the same plate and used in the interior.

In addition, input – the color of salmon, it reveals the beginning of Japanese cuisine in Peru. The bar and kitchen are made from solid birch, brought back from the north edge.

The room itself remains mobile. It was the wish of the customer.

Compilation of Peruvian and Japanese cuisine, the result of a mix of culinary traditions of Japan in Peru. Japanese immigrants began to settle in the South American country in the late XIX century, and today they do not have a small number. The Japanese themselves have a strong influence on the local cuisine. While the two nations prepare fresh fish. Today in Peru all – from gourmet cooks to housewives – fresh fish with corn, sweet potato, lime and pepper aji – traditional Peruvian food. Nikkei came up and revealed to the world the Japanese chef Nobuyuki Matsuhisa, most famous for the whole world.

Design Office       : Allarts Design
Designer               : Saranin Artemy
Location                : Perm, Russia
Photographs        : Saranin Artemy
Area (sq.m.)         : 278 m2
Completion date  : 2016

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Office Loft | 4a Architekten

Description by 4a Architekten:

The office suite is located in a heritage-protected residential and commercial building built in 1903 in the centre of Moscow. The conversion involved the rooms being remodelled for an events agency in as spacious and representative a manner as possible.

The 85 m² office was therefore given an open space design with 15 workplaces. An open layout, fluid transitions and the choice of simple colours and materials lend the rooms the character of an office loft, giving rise to a very special ambience in combination with the exposed tiled walls.

To enable optimum use of the space available, the interior furnishings were designed by 4a Architekten and tailored to the specific requirements. The architects were also responsible for the technical features of the office spaces involved in the project through to the choice of art objects. These were provided by from the client’s private collection and were selected in consultation with 4a Architekten.

Design Office: 4a Architekten

Location: Moscow, Russia

Photographs: Dmitry Chebanenko

Residence in Moscow | Alexandra Fedorova

Design Office: Alexandra Fedorova

Location: Moscow, Russia

Photographs: Sergey Ananiev

Apartment in Moscow | one over one

Design Office: one over one

Location: Moscow, Russia

Apartment in Russia | Allarts-Design

Design Office: Allarts-Design

Location: Perm, Russia

Home in Russia | Studio Odnushechka

Design Office: Studio Odnushechka

Location: Moscow Oblast, Russia

Penthouse 03 | Ramunas Manikas

Design Office: Ramunas Manikas

Location: Kaliningrad, Russia

House in Birch Forest | Aleksandr Zhidkov

Design Office: Aleksandr Zhidkov

Location: Polivanovo, Moscow, Russia

Kutuzovskaya Riviera | Geometrix Design

Design Office: Geometrix Design

Location: Moscow, Russia

Constructivist Apartment | Kate Hume Design

Design Office: Kate Hume Design

Location: Moscow, Russia

Scandinavian and Industrial Penthouse | INT2 Architecture

Design Office: INT2 Architecture

Location: Moscow, Russia

Apartment in Moscow | Yevhen Zahorodnii

Description by Yevhen Zahorodnii:

The apartment consists of a small living room with kitchenette, hallway, two bathrooms and bedrooms. Initially, the design was very important to preserve the visual perception of space as a whole, so that all areas of apartment, including the floorboard, were involved.

Thanks to the bright hues of the walls, the room looks spacious and bright. Temperature contrast of colors accentuated by dark granite wall panels.
Color solution is reflected in the choice of furniture in the living room: soft and neutral shades sofa second general range of colors and tone deaf dark cherry two armchairs supported color paintings.
Dining area represented a harmonious contrast to strict forms of furniture and light fixture surround.
Closet, located in the corridor in the entire height of the walls, very optimizes space.
Design Office: Yevhen Zahorodnii
Location: Moscow, Russia

Contemporary Apartment in Russia | Alexandra Fedorova

Design Office: Alexandra Fedorova

Location: Moscow, Russia

Sophisticated Apartment in Russia | INT2architecture

Description by INT2architecture:

Apartment for a young couple in a new housing development is situated not far from Saint-Petersburg. The main goal of the project was to create a big well lighted open space living room with singularized functional zones and separated bedroom. In order to do so, first of all, the balcony was integrated into the apartment and transformed into a “plywood box” that is inserted into the room. This “box” is used as a dining zone with a wide window overlooking a forest. “The box” allowed us to widen the existing window in order to bring more light into the whole common space. The only window was a pre-existing condition and obviously was not enough for a such a big room. Secondly, home office zone was allocated in the living room – a small space for the desk and office equipment is separated from the common area by the two-sided shelving system.
Lastly, the third functional zone singularized from the common space is the kitchen. Even though it is a very technological zone it does not look foreign in the living room thanks to the minimalistic design. Interior color scheme is based on the nuance palette with small bright accents here and there. White walls and neutral floors are the background and pastel colors – coral, gentle blue, pearl gray – create an atmosphere of warmth and coziness. Ocean blue wall color in the bedroom combined with the hints of red offers a relaxed but at the same time exciting atmosphere – one that is well-suited for the young couple’s bedroom. Interior style in this project can be described as contemporary with the mix of Scandinavian design elements and Mid-century Modern furniture.
By mixing old with absolutely new, by blending modern century furniture with the typical minimalist one we tried to create a balance of functionality and artwork perception of the space, and to get an expressive, stylish and unique interior with an authentic atmosphere as a result.

Design Office: INT2architecture

Location: Saint-Petersburg, Russia

Photographs: INT2architecture

Apartment in Moscow, Russia | SL*project

Design Office: SL*project

Location: Moscow, Russia

Nude Coffee & Wine Bar | FORM Bureau

Description by FORM Bureau:

Nude. Coffee & Wine Bar is a small family establishment located in a 1930s residential building in the picturesque heart of Moscow.
The design was informed by the materiality of the existing space. Multiple layers of plaster and paint had been partially chipped away to reveal original brick walls. This beautiful existing texture inspired the use of pared back, ascetic materials such as concrete and wood, with small brass accents and a bold black and white tile pattern.

The space is divided between an open kitchen and dining area, with a large bar top acting as an intermediary, at which visitors can eat and follow the cooking process.
Storage space hidden in the centre of the kitchen is used as a menu display board that connects to the bar top by a construction of steel and safety glass. The glass allows natural light into the back of the kitchen.

Nude sits 30 people distributed between several zones. There is a dining area with a massive wooden bench and marble tables, tall tables next to the wine rack, and the bar top that is comfortable enough for a quick glass of wine, as well as a slow lunch. A large concrete table in the centre of the room ties the space together. The interior is completed with elements of scandinavian designers such as &Tradition, Rubn and Massproductions.

The wine rack takes over a large floor to ceiling space next to the entrance and becomes part of the entry airlock. This is a metal grid construction in which wine bottles rest on leather belts.

Design Office: FORM Bureau

Location: Moscow, Russia

Photographs: Asya Baranova

Lipinka Apartment | 2b.Group

Design Office: 2b.Group

Location: Kiev, Ukraine

Apartment in Moscow | 2B Group

Apartment in Moscow | 2B Group

Apartment in Moscow | 2B Group

Apartment in Moscow | 2B Group

Apartment in Moscow | 2B Group

Apartment in Moscow | 2B Group

Apartment in Moscow | 2B Group

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