Eltham Residence | Patrick Meneguzzi Interiors

This farm house is located in Eltham, Victoria, Australia.

It was designed by Patrick Meneguzzi Interiors.


Design Office: Patrick Meneguzzi Interiors

Location: Eltham, Victoria, Australia

Photographs: Patrick Meneguzzi Interiors


Residence DBB | Govaert & Vanhoutte

This country house is located in Knokke, Belgium.

It was designed by Govaert & Vanhoutte in 2015.


Design Office     : Govaert & Vanhoutte
Location              : Knokke, Belgium
Project Year       : 2015
Photographs      : Tim Van de Velde


House in France


Location: France

Photographs: Shoootin

Villa Kristina | Wingardhs

Villa Kristina located in Gothenburg, Sweden.

It was designed by Wingardhs.

Description by Wingardhs:

A small house that wants to be big. A small footprint and simple construction means low cost. That’s the idea when we set about designing a house for a young couple on a site surrounded by other single-family homes on the west side of Gothenburg.

We turn inward with an atrium scheme, away from the view of—and from—the neighbors. The nicest view is toward the mature trees and the exposed bedrock in the southwest, so we open the courtyard up on that side.

The building is perched lightly on piers, hovering a half-meter over granite bedrock honed by the ice age. That means that to reach the building we need a stair and a ramp (accessibility requirement) along the blank northeast side. The elevated floor of the atrium courtyard is built up of decking over beams, with steps down to the surrounding terrain.

On the inside, it’s the outside that dominates. The narrow kitchen with its long table is always a part of the changing seasons that play out in the courtyard. Floor-to-ceiling glass and broad sliding doors help erase the boundary between inside and out. Okay, it’s a cliché—but it works.

There’s a steep ladderway up to the workroom (yes, there’s a glimpse of the sea from up there) and a shallow, almost monumentally processional stair up to a roof terrace. Additional rooms could be built around the courtyard if needed in the future to accommodate a bunch of children.

The entrance wall is thickened to hold a fireplace (the chimney is part of the roof landscape) with a built-in sofa, a room for collections, the kitchen (back-to-back with the exterior mechanical room), and an air-lock entry with guest bathroom.

The exterior is clad entirely in whitewashed (Sioo treated) smooth-planed spruce. It will age to a pale gray.

Design Office    : Wingardhs
Architects          : Wingardh Arkitektkontor, Gert and Karin Wingardh:
Location             : Gothenburg, Sweden
Area                    : 182.00 m2
Project Year      : 2014
Photographs     : James Silverman

Germanier House | Savioz Fabrizzi Architecte

Description by Savioz Fabrizzi Architecte:

Vétroz, in the heart of the valais, boasts 170 hectares of vineyards. maison germanier, which dates from 1850, was originally the home of a wine grower and stands on a beautifully sunny, sloping site among the vines of the “pays de l’amigne”. the present owner of the building wanted to have it renovated.

The house consists of a substructure in rubble masonry, with a timber structure above. the stone part traditionally accommodated the premises associated with the land (wine cellar, stores for tools, foodstuffs, etc.), while the wooden part was the ideal envelope for the living spaces. the elements of the new project were designed with this traditional division of the building in mind. the daytime-use areas are in the upper part of the building and the bedrooms are on the intermediate level.

The varied nature of the structural materials is a particular feature of this building. thus, the rubble façades have had the render removed and the timbers are retained. the house is fully insulated inside, with mineral materials in the stone part (cement-bonded particle board, cement screed) and organic materials in the wooden part (larch panelling and original floor).

Design Office: Savioz Fabrizzi Architecte

Location: Vétroz, Switzerland

Photographs: Thomas Jantscher

House M | Architekten Wannenmacher + Möller

Description by Architekten Wannenmacher + Möller GMBH:

The Möllmann residence is located in a long-standing residential area, mainly comprising detached houses, outside Bielefeld. It was not possible to realise the requested flat roofed house because of the land use stipulations that required a symmetrical roof with an angle of 30 – 38°. Therefore the decision was made to use the traditional regional architecture as a point of orientation for the exterior of the house. The barns that are popular for agricultural use in this rural region were chosen as a particular reference for the formal design of the house. In line with the simple, unpretentious architecture of the barns the residence was designed as a lengthened, rectangular structure with a double-pitched roof without overhang. The masonry facades on three sides in quarry stone also refer to the traditional architecture in rural regions.

Although the house includes formal references to regional traditions the character of its interior is still consistently modern. This is made particularly clear in the open layouts that allow the rooms to flow into one another. The complete glazing of the side of the building shell that faces the garden, which allows the inside to melt into the outside through its lack of materials, is also a typical characteristic of a modern space concept. Numerous built in storage elements, benches and storage rooms provide sufficient storage inside the house. The books are also gathered in one place in a specially fitted library on the ground floor of the house. This meant that all the utility areas in the building could be kept free of objects for everyday use. The walls remain clear and can thus develop their spatial effects without disturbances.

Reduction to only a few materials and colours – Italian sandstone for the floor, white plaster for walls and ceilings, oiled oak for the benches and glass and grey aluminium for the windows – gives the rooms a soothing calmness. With the support of a minimum of furnishings the architecture develops an ascetic austerity that makes the house a place of contemplative peace and allows the residents to escape from the hectic and noise of everyday life.

Design Office: Architekten Wannenmacher + Möller GMBH

Location: Germany


Country House | MIDE Architetti


Description by MIDE Architetti:

The project site involves an old country house, built in 1887 in the immediate neighborhood of Lucca and a most recent farmhand’s cottage. The buildings are integrated in the countryside of Lucca and maintain its typical characteristics. Specifically, the buildings are located in a hilly landscape, between gentle slopes, where oaks and chestnuts lick the property. In this background, the renovation has been directed to both the maintenance and the enhancement of typical elements of the local architecture, such as exposed brick wall, stone of Matraia and chestnut wood. Pursuing this goal, and in full respect of the typical features, the components and materials used have been revised in a contemporary way, adopting the most appropriate construction techniques, in order to ensure the achievement of the best possible result.

Inside the country house we sought to manually apply, using the traditional spatulas and sponges, natural lime-based plasters that highlight the irregular rocky surface of the walls. The recovery of beams and hollow tiles by sandblasting, is an explicit call to the traditional tuscan architecture, refreshed by the bleaching of the ceilings. The exterior was deliberately kept unchanged in surface and holes[GS1] , in order to maintain its historicity without sacrificing the charm. Therefore, we opted for basic external fixtures made of steel. In the garden the large swimming pool is integrated with the surrounding landscape, respecting the vegetation and the secular olive trees, leaved unaltered. The adjacent cottage has been completely renovated inside, opting for contemporary materials and colors: the concrete floor and the black lavatory contribute to give a new identity to the building. Finally, in the hypogeum you can find a spa area consisting of a large tub and a cedar wood sauna.


Design Office: MIDE Architetti

Location: Lucca, Italy

Photographs: Alessandra Bello

Colorful House | Bradford Shellhammer

Design Office: Bradford Shellhammer

Location: New York, Usa

Traditional Modern House | Durval Dias

Design Office: Durval Dias

Location: Mallorca, Spain


Casa Salina | Viviana Pitrolo

Design Office: Viviana Pitrolo

Location: Sicily, Italy

Tahoe Retreat | Antonio Μartins Interior Design

Description by Antonio Martins:

A bachelor client, for whom we have worked with on two urban residential projects, hired us to create a fun and hip ski retreat in Tahoe.

A floor-to-ceiling cold-rolled steel fireplace, highlighted by artist Jihoon Choi’s “Pixel Deer”, dominates the principal room. Floor-to-ceiling stacked wood adjacent to the fireplace becomes a design element and hides the entertainment center. The seating area consists of a large leather sectional and a pair of 1960s swivel chairs by Thonet purchased by the client in Miami. Photography by Sharon Montrose and a mixed-media collage on a wood door created by Tim Weldon add a touch of whimsy. The dining area has a 7-foot recycled wood square table surrounded by classic Cassina Cab armchairs, able to accommodate up to 16 guests.

The powder room features a live-edge floating shelf, a mirror Designed by Jacques Adnet and custom Union Square wallpaper by Crezana. The corridor leading to the bedrooms showcases 19th century albumen photographs of the Tahoe region.

Each of five bedrooms was given its own personality: the burlap bedroom; the log bedroom; the gray bedroom; the antler bedroom; and the master, with a circular metal hanging chair overlooking the unobstructed view of the mountains. A large vintage “hotel” neon sign in the master bathroom adds nostalgia to the space.

The perfect mountain retreat: a casual and inviting house to welcome the owner’s many guests.

Design Office: Antonio Martins Interior Design

Location: Tahoe City, Usa

Villa CP | Zest Architecture

Design Office: Zest Architecture

Location: Girona, Spain

Umbria Residence | Paola Navone

Design Office: Paola Navone

Location: Umbria, Italy

Photographs: Wichmann + Bendtsen

SF Loft | Wardell + Sagan Projekt

Description by Wardell + Sagan Projekt:

Converted a former 3200 square foot (300 square meters) former Chinese Laundry and Tooth Powder Factory into a modern open loft with roof deck and two internally placed shipping containers to showcase an urban art collection.

Design Office: Wardell + Sagan Projekt

Location: San Francisco, California, Usa

Photographs: Stirling Elmendorf

House in Itaipava | Cadas Arquitetura

Design Office: Cadas Arquitetura

Location: Itaipava, Brazil

Photographs: Denilson Machado and Decio Daniel

Pontevedra House | A-Cero Architects

Design Office: A-Cero Architects

Location: Spain

Wanaka House | Lovell O’ Connell Architects

Design Office: Lovell O’ Connell Architects

Location: Wanaka, Otago, New Zealand