House M | Alexandru Marinescu Architects

House M located in Ilfov, Mogosoaia, Romania.

It was designed by architect Alexandru Marinescu.


Design Office   : Alexandru Marinescu Architects
Location            : Ilfov, Mogosoaia, Romania
Area                    : 260,00 m2
Total area           : 350,00 m2
Project Year       : 2012
Photographs      :


Apartment in Romania | Imbold Design

The modern apartment is located in Iasi, Romania.

It was designed by Imbold Design.

Description by Imbold Design:

The one room apartment is located in the center of Iasi, Romania.

We started from 0, as the building and the apartments were just being built. We tried to maximize the space, keeping it clear and airy, furnishing it with just the bare basic furniture pieces and household appliances.
The owner wanted it to look modern and young while also keeping in mind that we had a budget to stick to. Our color scheme was made out of grey hues, white, blue and neon yellow accents. Most of the furniture is from Ikea, save for the couch and the kitchen, which we designed to be used in such a small space. Our favorite space has to be the bathroom, because of the contrast between the grey and yellow.
Design Office: Imbold Design

Location: Iasi, Romania

Photographs: Rafael Racaru Photography

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Kuma Nordic House | roşu – ciocodeică

Description by roşu – ciocodeică:

Located on the seafront, far from the crowdy beach but overlooking the sea, Kuma Nordic House is not only an oasis of relaxation with a breathtaking view, but also a work space full of inspiration, designed for team-building activities.
Kuma, a Danish company that creates concepts for bathrooms and kitchens, wanted to bring a touch from their home country to the Black Sea, recreating for guests and company employees the general atmosphere of Scandinavia. The flexible functional arrangement, the furniture design, the materials used and the differentiated colors on all spaces bring a fresh, dynamic and bright feeling to the design.
The house is divided into four functional areas. The entrance level, the ground floor, is dominated by the large living room, which offers a spectacular view of the Black Sea. Although instinctively the attention focuses on the panoramic opening, the interior manages to create a special atmosphere through the mirrors on the two short sides of the space, creating an impression of continuity, as a reinterpretation through architectural means of the infinity sensation which the sea landscape usually brings. The living room is divided into several functional areas, but the picture is unique, with a color based on shades of white and blue, with accents of brass, thus defining a character both elegant and relaxing at the same time.
The basement is designed for joint team-building activities. The Creative Lab, which is separated from the environment, is divided into two different areas, which can be operated independently or together. The gentle delimitation through white and blue curtains, forms two working capsules, one completely white, a genuine laboratory for purifying ideas, the other one playful and colorful, inspiring for formulating creative concepts.
The guests’ bedrooms, located on the upper floor, look towards the sea or the back garden. The spaces are intimate, treated differently, modeled after boutique hotel rooms, while maintaining simple, Nordic lines interiors. From this level you can reach the terrace covering the entire house, a true point of observation and meditation.
The furniture was provided by Intro, The Home, Maison Deco, BoConcept and Ikea, all with a simple, minimalist design, typical for Scandinavian interiors. The defining elements of the arrangement are the living room study and the grills covering the radiators, manufactured by Comprodserv EURAMA, made of gold covered metal, offering volume and texture accents, complementing the gray-white linearity with precise lines. The furniture was custom made by Linia Furniture, serving all functional spaces and providing unity for the entire assembly.
In arranging bathrooms and kitchens KUMA concepts were used, characterized by minimalist lines of black and white specific for Nordic design. In the living spaces, the products were used to make composite counter tops for the radiator covers.
The lighting fixtures from Eclectico Studio, Ioooi and Domicilio, complete the image space and contributes to the eclectic atmosphere alongside the curtains from Karo.
Vintage and modern pieces of furniture form a harmonious whole, especially through the use of light-colored flooring, a modern reinterpretation of the classic floors of northern interiors.

Design Office: roşu – ciocodeică

Location:Constanta, Romania

Photographs: Andrei Margulescu

Villa Snagov | DOOI Studio

Description by DOOI Studio:

The property is placed on the shores of Lake Snagov, caught on a narrow strip of land between the forest and the lake: an exceptional, yet discreet positioning. Given extremely precise specifications and requirements from the owner, the architects approached the project with inspiration and simplicity. The starting point was the Intention to offer that feeling of drifting, of opening up to the lake while also embracing the forest.

Thus, the team constantly searched for ways of expanding the house through its surroundings, by voluntarily integrating these in the inner space. The ground floor contains and favors the reception area, the living room and its “overhanging” terrace, facing an exceptional view of the lake, challenging the structural engineers in order to achieve an 11 m (36 ft) opening of glazing without any pillars or intermediate support. The dining room is placed in front of a glazed facade with double height, for a full enjoyment of the immediate vicinity of the forest. In order to further potentiate this vicinity, the interior encompasses an attic wall fully covered in mirrors.

The fabrics of the interior decorations were chosen with great care, consulting the owner, who invested intelligently and generously in this project: noble Romano Bianco travertine slabs for the ground, Italian parquet, walls clad in finned rosewood and textured plaster. The kitchen is clad in the solemn Macassar wood. The napage and interior lighting wear the signature of the master glassmakers from the Murano Island and of the renowned Catellean & Smith.

Design Office: DOOI Studio

Location: Snagov, Romania

Photographs: Cosmin Dragomir

V Apartment | Studio 1408

Design Office: Studio 1408

Location: Bucharest, Romania