Eco House | BXBstudio Bogusław Barnaś

Eco House located in South Poland.

It was designed by  BXBstudio Bogusław Barnaś.

Description by BXBstudio Bogusław Barnaś:

This project of sustainable house is located in the protected landscape area Nature 2000, surrounded by beech and oak forests, horse riding meadows and agricultural lands.

The building is designed in way to optimize the energy gains and losses. Sustainability of the house comes not only from unique technology but also through architectural form and shape that harmonizes with nature. Simulations of the sun position in a different period of the year allowed to create proper arrangement of the house layout and glass partition in way to gain heat in winter and to reduce overworming in summertime.

The house will be build in the Izodom technology. This is energy efficient and eco-friendly technologie that allows to minimize heat loss.

Design Office:: BXBstudio Bogusław Barnaś
Collaboration: Dominika Ropek
Consultations: Wiesław Ziembla
Location: South Poland
Project Year: 2012
Total area: 212.0 m2
Photographs: Courtesy of BXBstudio, Tomasz Jedrzejczak





Apartment in Poznan | Cuns Studio Designs

Design Office: Cuns Studio Designs

Location: Poznan, Poland

Photographs: Hanna Długosz

House in Lodz | KUOO Architects

Design Office: KUOO Architects

Location: Lodz, Poland

House in Poland | Mood Works

Descriprion by Mood Works:

This home is located in the old part of Konstancin-Jeziorna – health resort, filled with residences. The owners of this house were lookig for the place near the capital of Warsaw, that will be silent and peacful, connected with nature and full of harmony.

The most important part, when speaking of the project, is designing this residency in the way, that reminds of the french, holistic approach to designing. The interior and the garden are as much important, there is no boundaries between the architecture and directly connected environment. The interior is coherent, designed in a classical approach, with the modern twist.

Design Office: Mood Works

Location: Konstancin-Jeziorna, Poland

Photographs: Rafal Lipski

Stylish Apartment in Poland | Soma Architekci

Design Office: Soma Architekci

Location: Warsaw, Poland

House in Poland | Fabryka Wnętrz

Design Office: Fabryka Wnętrz

Location: Tczew, Poland

Interior design in historic building, Warsaw | Tamizo Architects

Design Office: Tamizo Architects

Location: Warsaw, Poland

Vizualizations: Mateusz Kuo Stolarski

Di Café Deli | Buck Studio

Description by Buck Studio:

di cafe deli is a vibrant café with its own bakery. There is always a smell of aromatic coffee and freshly baked bread made according to traditional recipes – without artificial additions and taste improvers.
Project of di café deli is a continuation of our concept created for dinette bistro – a friendly daily place with casual atmosphere and interior design inspired by the 50s.
Similarly to dinette the central point of the place is a large dining table, accompanied by a grand sideboard with wooden mosaic and a solid marble bar counter – all customized to adjust the shape of the interior plan.
The kitchen – in this case enlarged by a bakery – is easily visible through the walls which are made of translucent mix of glass and steel.
Other characteristic features already known from dinette are wooden retro chairs, a spatial installation of white hand made glass lamp shades and natural finishing materials like marble and wood.
Friendly and easy going cafe experience is emphasized by the black and white checkerboard floor tiles pattern which also appears on a menu pages – so that guests can use them as a board for checkers game while they are enjoying their coffee or waiting for their lunch.

Design Office: Buck Studio

Location: Wroclaw, Poland

Photographs: Marcin Pawłowski

House in Myslowice | Widawscy Studio Architektury

Description by Widawscy Studio Architektury:

White walls, antiqued floorboards and old brick give the interior nature of the loft / attic. In this remarkable home they have become a stage for modern furniture, colorful accents and geometric patterns that loved its residents – a pair of young travelers. Ground floor is an open space with central part of the staircase with toilet. Kitchen, dining room, hall and living room are four conventionally separate area that actually link smoothly, giving residents a sense of freedom.

Full of colors and patterns floor in the entrance hall and wall in the staircase is made of a patchwork of handmade cement tiles. Kitchen and dining room form one functional area with brick core of stairs and yellow toilet. Inside, there are losts of industrial components such as: table , stools or map of the world, where residents put photos and mini mementos of their travels. The geometric form of the map was made of string and screws fixed to the wall, and this also previously been painted with magnetic paint.

Strong accent color of the ground floor of the house is a small bathroom in total finished materials in yellow. On the wall in front of a mirror placed the sentence with the origins of the toilet bowl. We can read it in the mirror, because it was deliberately printed in mirrorimage. The central part of the living room is a large, brick fireplace. One wall serves as a bookcase and TV place. Furniture on this wall has three sliding fronts, so that the TV can be completely closed. On the first floor is a private area of the residents: guest bedroom with en suite bathroom, dressing room, bedroom with a private bathroom and a large area of home spa with jacuzzi and zone of leisure and bar area.

Interior of the bedroom is clear and neutral. It is underlined not only by the yellow and black accents, but also by colored stained glass and light. Theoriginal stained glass window is made of handpainted ornamental glass and separates the bathroom from the bedroom. The wooden floor of the bedroom and the bathroom penetrates one of its walls, combining these two spaces into a coherent whole. Vanity unit of furniture is also made of the floorboard. Guest bathroom was entirely finished with black mosaic. The only accent color of thit interior is red sink made of Corian.

Design Office: Widawscy Studio Architektury

Location: Myslowice, Poland

Stylish Apartment | Republika Architektury

Design Office: Republika Architektury

Location: Warsaw, Poland

Photographs: Republika Architektury

Saska Apartment | Soma Architekci

Design Office: Soma Architekci

Location: Warsaw, Poland

The FreshMaker | Plasterlina

Design Office: Plasterlina

Location: Warsaw, Poland

Legionowo House | Nasciturus Design

Design Office: Nasciturus Design

R-house by Tamizo architects

Design Office: Tamizo architects