FH1 House | KVDA Architects

FH1 House located in Norway.

It was designed by KVDA Architects.

Description by KVDA Architects:

The house was designed for temporary and permanent stay. It is locate in Norway, just near the water. Given the location and the steep plot it had been desirable that the house be dug into the landscape, so it would act as an element integrated into the nature. The design of the house allows a close interaction with the surrounding nature and the beautiful scenery. It provides a feeling of being outdoor when inside. South-facing glazed openings from floor to ceiling provides ample daylight. Veranda can transform if we need to save important temperature in the cold season. Interior has high capability and naturalness. The house has necessary space for life. There is common space includes a kitchen, living room with a fireplace and bedroom, so there is a bathroom and technical room.

Design Office: KVDA Architects
Location: Norway
Project Year: 2016
: 70 m2

Arne Garborgsveg 18 | TYIN Architects

Design Office: TYIN Architects

Location: Trondheim, Norway

Photographs: Pasi Aalto

Cabin in Norway | Lund Hagem

Design Office: Lund Hagem

Location: Sandefjord, Norway

Northface House | Element Arkitekter AS

Design Office: Element Arkitekter AS