Renovated Apartment | CMT Architetti

This renovated apartment is located in Siena, Italy.

It was designed by CMT Architetti.

Design Office: CMT Architetti

Location: Siena, Italy

Photographs: CMT Architetti


Loft in Milan | Studio Motta e Sironi

This modern Italian loft is located in Milan.

It was designed by Studio Motta e Sironi.

Design Office: Studio Motta e Sironi

Location: Milan, Italy

Photographs: Andriano Pecchio


Metaphysical Remix | Marcante – Testa / UdA Architetti

This renovated, 250 m2, apartment is located in Via Roma in the centre of Turin, Italy.

It was designed by architects Andrea Marcante and Adelaide Testa of  UdA Architetti.

Description by UdA Architetti:

The project designed by Andrea Marcante (the founder of Italian office UDA Architetti) and Adelaide Testa to restructure an approximately 250 m² rented apartment in Via Roma in the centre of Turin attempts to meet the needs of three generations: a father, his daughters and grandfather enjoying the rituals of everyday life under the same roof while, at the same time, having their own private spaces designed to meet their individual needs.
Marcante’s and Testa’s joint project is based on very close, constant and stimulating interaction with the clients bringing their own specific requirements in line with the setting in which this house, built from 1935-1937, is located. Having discovered that the interiors had completely lost all their original features, the perception of space and precision found in rationalist architecture and metaphysical painting from that period were inevitably sources of inspiration for the project designed by the architects.
The attempt to reproduce them in different proportions and using different materials can be seen in the plaster truss at the entrance that evokes the coffered portico in Via Roma. Similarly, the distortions in perspective of the ceiling in the dining area, created using stucco work and wallpaper, pay tribute to De Chirico’s dreamy, oneiric language and the plaster cornices framing the ceiling are reproduced in new patterns capable of identifying the specific functions below, regardless of the configurations of the walls.
The evocative force of the artist, who painted distinctive features of classical cities, most notably the empty colonnades and perspectives along roads and avenues he discovered walking around Turin, also suggests the geometric patterns of the new system of metal bars spreading through the various rooms and altering how their space is perceived: frames with glass shelves holding valuable objects, which, starting from the entrance, project into the lounge where they hold books and conceal the rear doors, not to mention the micro-architecture in the bedroom displaying a sort of re-found classicism: these historical citations are hinted at and interpreted but never philological.
A remix playing on a combination of conventional systems, design inventions and modern-day features ranging from the colour scheme (pastel and florescent shades) to designer furniture (by the likes of Prouvé, Sarfatti, Mendini and Tom Dixon) and design objects.
A house/stage where all the actors move easily: bedrooms to safeguard privacy but also shared spaces designed in languages holding onto what we hold dearest and, at the same time, stimulating interaction between different generations through unusual and unexpected architectural features.
As Alfred Hitchcock said when he visited Turin in 1960 “… it is rather mysterious and intriguing and even though I’ve only just got here, it looks promising and something unexpected might suddenly happen on any of its street corners…” We would also like to invite you to discover the unusual and unfamiliar perspectives this house-stage has to offer.

Design Office: UdA Architetti
Architects: Andrea Marcante, Adelaide Testa
Collaborators: Eirini Giannakopoulou, Giada Mazzero
Area: 250.0 m2
Location: Turin, Italy
Project Year: 2015
Photographs: Carola Ripamonti

Archist | Federico Babina

Federico Babina : “ARCHIST is a playful interpretation of the expressive language and aesthetic of some of the most popular artists. I enjoyed creating 27 “paintingsprojects” which represented 27 different artists.

Description by Federico Babina:

ARCHIST is a playful interpretation of the expressive language and aesthetic of some of the most popular artists. I enjoyed creating 27 “paintingsprojects” which represented 27 different artists.
There is a Symbiotic Relationship an implicit partnership between Architecture and Art, different art branches meet in many fields. Art and architecture are disciplines that speak and lightly touch each other, the definition and function of the architecture are changing constantly with the development of contemporary art. In this exercise of style I took pleasure imagining architecture steeped of art, designed and constructed through the interpretation of an artist’s language. Art, architecture and sculpture are historically linked by an unbreakable thread, we find examples of paintings and sculptures having a direct influence on architectural design.
It is easy to find the art hidden behind an architectural shape or see reflected a geometry of a building painted on a canvas. It is impossible to conceive of the history of art in exclusion from that of architecture. Painting sculpture and architecture have always been complementary disciplines that influence each other and feed to grow and develop along common paths. A sculpture is like a micro-architecture, a facade can become like a painted canvas and a building can be shaped as in the hands of a skilled sculptor. I like finding the hidden architecture in parallel universes, in this sense, the illustration helps me to explore alternative languages. I tried to imagine how it would have been a house designed by Dalí or a museum designed by Miró. These images represent an imaginary and imagined world of shapes that uses the brush to paint architecture.

Design Office: Federico Babina

Apartment in Florence | Filippo Cei

This apartment is located in historical centre of Florence, Italy.

It was designed by Filippo Cei in 2013.


Design Office : Filippo Cei

Location          : Florence, Italy

Photographs  : Filippo Cei


Villa Monteriggioni | CMT Architetti


Design Office: CMT Architetti

Location: Monteriggioni, Italy

Photographs: centrofotografico

Private House | Christopher Ward Studio


Design Office: Christopher Ward Studio

Location: Reggio Emilia, Italy


CW Apartment | Burnazzi Feltrin Architetti

Description by Burnazzi Feltrin Architetti:

CW apartment is located in an area on the south part of Trento, a green and rural cameo nestled inside the urban pattern. The flat is set in a new row house surrounded by fields mostly of which are apple orchards. Nearby a farm house, from the end of the nineteenth century, together with some one storey single family houses, recently built, marks out a low population density area. The furnishing project concerns both the day area and the night one, set on the same level: the ground floor. The family, which consists of three members, expressed to the designers the double need to stay with family, cooking or relaxing, and to share convivial moments with many friends during the weekend; the dining table and the kitchen are situated on the best windowed side of the apartment: the one towards the garden. The custom made furniture of the day area creates an efficient and versatile space, flexible to the different living needs; the fireplace, visible from all of the day area, designs an intimate space, relaxing and cozy.
The design idea is inspired by the surrounding rural landscape in which nature meets human culture therefore technology: “warm” materials, such as wood, both used in the living room and kitchen’s custom made furniture, are made “cooler” by white shades of lacquering. On the contrary “cool” materials, such as resins and paints, used for the floor and ceiling, are made “warmer” by using a neutral colour, the dove-grey. The white colour of the walls underlines the spatial continuity of the rooms and, at the same time, divides and highlights the warm and neutral colour of the floor and ceiling. The day area is characterized by the use of glass, as an element both of separation and union, it makes possible to divide the three functional space (entryway, kitchen and living room) and it guarantees a visual and perceivable continuity.
The lightning design revolves around the use of few LED track lighting fixtures, recessed from the line of the ceiling: they “wash” the walls whit light and create an evoking nonetheless “abstract” atmosphere. The only exception, on which the gaze is focused, is a pendant light suspended above the dining table, around which the family meets and shares time, good food and memories.

Design Office: Burnazzi Feltrin Architetti

Location: Trento, Italy

Photographs: Carlo Baroni

Country House | Zanon Architetti Associati

Design Office: Zanon Architetti Associati

Location: Roncade, Italy

Photographs: Giuseppe Dall’ Arche, Mariano Zanon

Residenza d’Autore | Giraldi Associati Architetti

Design Office: Giraldi Associati Architetti

Location: Bologna, Italy

Photographs: Francesca Anichini


Ostiense Flat | MGK Architects


Design Office: MGK Architects

Location: Rome, Italy


GV House | B+S Architetti

Design Office: B+S Architetti

Location: Turin, Italy

Photographs: Barbara Corsico Photography

Casa MdP | GLZ


Description by GLZ:

The architectural project concerns the restore of an around 100 square meters flat inside an early XXth century palace. The only interventions concern the demolition of some incongruous divisors, the reopening of doors and the rediscovery of the original spaces; as far as the finishes are concerned, substantial interventions were made: a complete scraping of the progressive coats of paint, on the walls and ceiling, that shows a few decorations of the beginning of the ‘900 characterized by bright and unexpected colours. Every room box is characterized by its own wall decorum and colour that defines its “taste.” The choice of a single layer of grey-green color both on the walls (in trimming of mortar), and on the floor (in resin), conveys a kind of “break” in favor of a more contemporary approach fitting, at the same time, the historical process made of overlaps and colour strata.

Design Office: GLZ

Location: Faenza, Italy

Photographs: Chiara Casanova

Casa DP | Studioe Elementare

Design Office: Studioe Elementare

Location: Milan, Italy


Colorful Loft | Anna Gili

Design Office: Anna Gili

Location: Milan, Italy

Photographs: Giacomo Giannini

Casa di Pietra | Arturo Montanelli


Design Office: Arturo Montanelli

Location: Italy

Apartment in Lipari | Fabrizio Miccò

Design Office: Fabrizio Miccò

Location: Lipari, Italy


Tapas BirBar | Studio Olivelli

Design Office: Studio Olivelli

Location: Catania, Italy

Photographs: fotoumberto

Cascina | Persico Studio

Design Office: Persico Studio

Location:Maristella, Italy


R+O House | Bianco+Gotti Architetti

Design Office: Bianco + Gotti Architetti

Location: Bergamo, Italy

Photographs: Luca Santiago Mora