House of Bricks | Jolson

Description by Jolson:

Divided over three levels, this newly constructed home draws inspiration from local vernacular with contemporary re-interpretation of warehouse living.

The architecture and interior design has been carefully considered to explore texture and colour. Inspired by our clients love of travel, the exposed patterned brickwork that characterises this project draws reference from woven rugs and kilims. The pallet of diverse materials carefully layers raw steel, exposed concrete and robust timber.

At the core of the building is a two storey tower of books that celebrates our client’s extensive literary collection. This dramatic wall of colour and text engages with the eclectic interior pallet.

The careful selection of lighting, furniture and rugs explore a relaxed use of block colour, fabrics, and refined craftsmanship.

House of Bricks is a holistic project that articulates our client brief through architecture, interior and landscape design.

Design Office: Jolson

Location: Melbourne, Australia

Photographs: Lucas Allen

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