Cups Nine | NORMLESS Architecture Studio

“Cups Nine”, a Cafe and Patisserie, located in Trikala, Greece.

It was designed by NORMLESS Architecture Studio.


Descritpion by NORMLESS Architecture Studio:

A new Cups Nine opened its doors, this time as a Cafe & Patisserie store. Right in the heart of the school district and opposite of one of the most popular city’s squares, the Old Despotiko, the new Cups Nine comes to shake up the city for one more time and reintroduce the street coffee shops. The owners envisioned a new space that can serve their best seller coffee as well as their new products adopting them to the needs of the modern life.

The architects translated this vision into a space where the boundaries between the interior and the exterior space are blurred. The seating area, the serving bar are all flexible and accessible either from the inside or the outside. It becomes unclear where the store ends and the street begin. This was mainly achieved through the surrounding window frames, which were all custom and handmade metal work. The windows open and the bar area doubles inside the arcade. A similar thing happens on the street side where the wooden tables slide and move on the other side so that you can enjoy your beverage overlooking the city. Inside the long and narrow space, the store is divided into the serving and seating area by a long wooden bar, which is interrupted by a metal light box that is the cashier point. All woodwork is again custom made by a local carpenter.  As soon as you open the door you immediately take notice of the impressive flooring, which is a successful blend of laminate and hexagon black tiles that run through the store and continue on the wooden bars. The interior and exterior walls, as well as the ceiling are all covered with Kourasanit, a natural coating.

The remarkable mural paintings of Asteris Dimitriou, decorate the walls and has become one of the shop’s trademarks.

The new Cups Nine store came to change with its unique space and products, yet again, the urban landscape of the city of Trikala. ­

Design Office: NORMLESS Architecture Studio
: Trikala, Greece
Area: 52,00 m2
Project Year: 2016
Photographs: Kostas Spathis

Cafe “REDCUP” in Sochi, Russia | Allarts Design

Cafe “REDCUP” located in Sochi, Russia.

It was designed by  Saranin Artemy of Allarts Design in 2016.

Description by Allarts Design:

Bright interior of the new coffee REDCUP opened in Sochi (Southern Russia). On the interior worked Saranin Artemije of ALLARTSDESIGN studio (Russia, Perm).

Retro futuristic interior is stored immediately. The radial column with vertical rhythm beige pipes resemble bamboo trunks, colored furniture, the wall of the branded coffee cups and ever-changing red and white ornaments. On smiley from glasses with a smile looks Asian, her we drew in Perm – from the designer himself, we laid rectangular tiles and they had formed the image itself is supported -This message of eastern positions of menu coffee REDCUP.

The hall has stained-glass windows along the facade, through which gets a lot of natural light, and in the evening when the light is switched on, the atmosphere in the room becomes more warm and cozy.

Space coffee shop with a total area of 190 square meters consists of a variety of seating areas provided for the coffee break, or dinner in the company. The hall is fully mobile.

The original layout has not undergone changes. The radial column, non-parallel walls, all the broken geometry did not have initially. Columns and strange corners of walls – we beat beige pipes, hidden and soften the line. Around the central columns, we have placed a perimeter longsofu. Thereafter, the remaining areas have already formed. The ceiling was originally such. We changed the color, added cornices and ceiling lighting in circles.

Here you can relax, you can enjoy a taste of the rich flavor of real coffee and relax with a glass of beer crafting Urals.

Design Office       : Allarts Design
Designer               : Saranin Artemy
Location                : Sochi, Russia
Area (sq.m.)         : 190 m2
Project Year          : 2016
Photographs        : Saranin Artemy

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gastro cafe 15 | Azovskiy & Pahomova Architects

Design Office: Azovskiy & Pahomova Architects

Location:Kryvyi Rih, Ukraine


Tapas BirBar | Studio Olivelli

Design Office: Studio Olivelli

Location: Catania, Italy

Photographs: fotoumberto

Di Café Deli | Buck Studio

Description by Buck Studio:

di cafe deli is a vibrant café with its own bakery. There is always a smell of aromatic coffee and freshly baked bread made according to traditional recipes – without artificial additions and taste improvers.
Project of di café deli is a continuation of our concept created for dinette bistro – a friendly daily place with casual atmosphere and interior design inspired by the 50s.
Similarly to dinette the central point of the place is a large dining table, accompanied by a grand sideboard with wooden mosaic and a solid marble bar counter – all customized to adjust the shape of the interior plan.
The kitchen – in this case enlarged by a bakery – is easily visible through the walls which are made of translucent mix of glass and steel.
Other characteristic features already known from dinette are wooden retro chairs, a spatial installation of white hand made glass lamp shades and natural finishing materials like marble and wood.
Friendly and easy going cafe experience is emphasized by the black and white checkerboard floor tiles pattern which also appears on a menu pages – so that guests can use them as a board for checkers game while they are enjoying their coffee or waiting for their lunch.

Design Office: Buck Studio

Location: Wroclaw, Poland

Photographs: Marcin Pawłowski

Fonda Restaurant | Techne Architecture + Interior Design

Description by Techne Architecture + Interior Design:

The Flinders Lane restaurant is the third to join the Fonda family and continues its promise of a fast and fresh Mexican food destination. With a previous string of failed hospitality businesses in the existing space, the design approach was to break down the large tenancy into more intimate spaces with a greater relationship to the workings of the restaurant. The new design uses bold, playful colours throughout the space.  Graphics and branding by Luke Henley of Wild Hen Design emphasise the festive, Mexican vibe, which has become synonymous with the Fonda family. Techne designed bespoke furniture, from booths, banquettes and tables which explore references to picnic furniture and park benches. The lighting scheme reflects the power line compositions of suburban Mexico, adding to the authentic atmosphere, and is combined with custom Inkster Maken pendants based on the shape of a domestic lampshade.   The creative re-use of existing copper pendants from the old fit-out as wall lights, helps enhance the rustic vibe of the restaurant. The rectangular pattern found in the original windows on levels 2 & 3 of the heritage building front façade are similar to vernacular Mexican patterns found in buildings, enhancing the feeling of being in a traditional Mexican ‘Fonda’.

Design Office: Techne Architecture + Interior Design

Location: Melbourne, Australia

Photographs: Tom Blachford

Cornerstone Cafe | Paul Crofts studio

Description by Paul Crofts studio:

The café is Set within an old warehouse at the Royal Arsenal Riverside in Woolwich east London. The industrial building was formerly part of a munitions factory producing weaponary for the royal navy and armed forces. The building has been stripped back to a shell retaining its original material character and emphasizing its industrial heritage. The scheme leaves the original features intact and the design is an insertion of new elements to contrast with the existing fabric of the building. The original concrete render is left exposed and the banquettes create the delineation between old and new with a continiuos line running into the window reveals and concluding with a waiter station at the door. The seats are upholstered in a military green further emphazing the link to the buildings history. Reference to the buidlings heritage is again reflected in use of the chevron pattern which draws its inspiration from the insignia on military uniforms. Bespoke tables in solid oak have have the chevron pattern screen printed directly on the surface in a mixture of grey and whites with metal powder coated legs giving a visual reference to an industrial workbench. Industrial unfinished hot rolled steel lines the kitchen walls and is also used to create the wall mounted menus. Display boxes have a routed chevron detail into the surface of European Oak. A modern interpretation of an industrial fitting are the Nonla lights designed by Paul Crofts. The service counter and display wall is are deliberately new insertions in contrast to the rough existing interior surfaces. The materials are cnc routed hi Macs with inset timber chevrons. The pattern fades from solid wood on one side and breaks away to become white Hi Macs with a routed chevron pattern. The display shelves are then edged with a brass trim.

Design Office: Paul Crofts studio

Location: London, United Kingdom

Photographs: Paul Crofts studio

“Story” cafe-restaurant | Joanna Laajisto Creative Studio

Description by Joanna Laajisto Creative Studio

Right in the heart of seaside Helsinki, the Old Market Hall reopens to a new chapter. The gem of the market hall is Story, the cafe-restaurant opened June 9th right in the high-ceilinged middle section. Behind Story are Finland’s finest restaurateurs Anders Westerholm, Matti Sarkkinen, Teemu Aura and Markus Hurskainen.

Everything with Story adds up: an exquisite milieu, top chefs and patissiers, experts of fine wines and service, and a love for the handmade and the best ingredients. Story also boasts Helsinki’s finest seating by the waterfront. The tables offer views of the brand new Helsinki Sky Wheel, as well as the sea.

Story shapes the whole outlook of the new Old Market Hall

Restaurant Story’s interiors will freshen up the whole Old Market Hall. The central part of the hall is grandiose, livening up the market hall like never before. The restaurant space has been designed by interior architect Joanna Laajisto and her team.

Story’s interior gives homage to the original feel and history of the market hall, but placing it in a new time with a modern yet relaxed twist. The challenge was to get the high-ceilinged hall space to feel intimate, instead of a space to pass through. I believe we managed to grant Helsinki a space that has been missing from here, Joanna Laajisto reflects.

The Old Market Hall was first opened in 1889 and is a cultural heritage site protected by the National Board of Antiquities, with whom the refurbishment was planned. The interior decoration fits the original architecture, but brings a new, fresh flavour with a modern touch. The materials used are classic, natural ones, such as oak, leather and stone.

Story is situated in the middle of the market hall, a space originally used for loading horse carriages. Because the space in question is a transit area for market hall visitors, the cafe-restaurant is split into three parts, separated by wide walkways.

In the middle of Story, the oak-paneled kitchen is joined by a storage space above. The front of the structure has a large wooden shelf with chalkboards painted in custom-tinted blue color. A sizeable counter with stone composite tiles in herringbone pattern is placed in the heart of the space.

The side facing the city – with its relaxed seating arrangements – is separated by a wooden half wall with herb pots. Joanna Laajisto’s custom-made Edit2 lamps, a new version of her Edit lamp, light up the tables next to it. On the side facing the sea, a platform invites to enjoy the unique views of the harbor. Seating booths made of oak and lined with leather are complemented by a black metal shelf. Edit2 lamps create an intimate atmosphere on this side as well. The large pendants are by Zero.

Laajisto has found many custom-made solutions to the heritage questions at hand. The lighting installation called for creativity as the lamps were not allowed to be hung from the 10-metre high ceiling. Laajisto also came up with a fun detail fitting with the feel of the market hall: wire fish traps from the summer house of one the owners found a new life as lamps over the long tables in the middle of the space.

Story’s tables are designed and handmade by Helsinki’s own wood artisan Tebian. The idea of this kind of a table had already been shaping up for a while in his mind.

At last I found the perfect, classy enough space for this example of detailed constructivism. It is classically me, says Tebian.

The colourful chairs and decorations are in line with design agency Fabel’s playful and colourful graphic design, contributing to a youthful and fresh space.

Design Office: Joanna Laajisto Creative Studio

Location: Helsinki, Finland

Photographs: Mikko Ryhanen

Cafe-bar O 13 (Ocean Thirteen) by Minas Kosmidis

The café-bar O13 (Ocean Thirteen) is located in Thessaloniki, Greece and designed by Minas Kosmidis (Architecture In Concept).

Design Office: Minas Kosmidis (Architecture In Concept)

Photographs: StudioVD: N.Vavdinoudis – CH. Dimitriou