White House | Guillaume Da Silva

The former village school, which transformed into a house, is located in Tournai, Belgium.

It was designed by Guillaume Da Silva.

Description by Guillaume Da Silva:

This project was implemented in a former village school not far from Tournai (wallonie) close to the Belgian border. Classrooms partitions were removed in order to create intense light spaces. The garden with the pool replaced to the playground, the courtyard  became a covered terrace. This building from the 20’s was renovated and transformed to welcome a family. Interior designing rests on various concepts:

•        Highlighting the existing architecture and rough materials in some places, referring to the past.

•        Working on lighting to create an atmosphere

•        Working on indoor and outdoor spaces, creating perspectives and framing, elaborating symmetry and volumes proportions.

Design Office: Guillaume Da Silva

Location: Tournai, Belgium

Photographs: Guillaume Da Silva


Residence DBB | Govaert & Vanhoutte

This country house is located in Knokke, Belgium.

It was designed by Govaert & Vanhoutte in 2015.


Design Office     : Govaert & Vanhoutte
Location              : Knokke, Belgium
Project Year       : 2015
Photographs      : Tim Van de Velde


House in Belgium | JUMA Architects

Description by JUMA Architects:

A dilapidated old town house was thoroughly rebuilt and renovated by JUMA architects with due respect for the past.
The proximity of the water adds to the serene atmosphere that permeates the streetscape. This feeling is brought inside through the refined and well-balanced design JUMA realized for this special project.

Although the house is located in the city centre, it welcomes one with an immediate feeling of tranquillity. The design is sophisticated and pure and conveys a sense of understated luxury through its detailing and use of beautiful materials.

The façade was fully restored to its former glory through an elaborate process of sandblasting and liming. The wooden windows were renovated according to the original model and fitted with soundproof glass. The entrance door is original and was painted in high-gloss black, as were the garage door and dormers, forming a stark contrast with the light-coloured façade.

Entering the house is pure enjoyment as one’s gaze is immediately drawn to the rear patio overlooking the swimming pond. The patio has a covered terrace with an integrated fireplace and sauna. This cosy outdoor area is used intensively throughout the whole year.

The interior is furnished with many custom-made furniture pieces that create a quiet overall effect.

The subtle colour palette was applied throughout the house and brings unity. JUMA architects also selected the loose pieces of furniture and often opted for round, soft shapes to create a cosy and inviting whole.

All wiring and plumbing were replaced, providing this house with every modern comfort. A home automation system was installed and the heating system was concealed where possible through a clever use of convectors or underfloor heating. In those areas where the concealing of heating devices proved impossible, elegant, cast iron radiators with brass fittings were installed. These fit perfectly with the aged feel of the townhouse.

Finally, there is the wonderful aged parquet with wide boards that gives this project maximum allure. The details make the difference.


Design Office: JUMA Architects

Location: Belgium

Photographs: Cafeine


MG’s House | Zoom Architecture

Design Office: Zoom Architecture

Location: Brussels, Belgium

Loft in Belgium | Studio Job


Design Office: Studio Job

Location: Antwerp, Belgium

Photographs: Dennis Brandsma


The Apartment – Graanmarkt 13 | Vincent Van Duysen Architects

Description by Vincent Van Duysen Architects:

The house is crucial in the entire story. It’s a private House where – on the top floor – a family lives, but at the same time it has several public functions that we wanted to bring together in the same floor. We didn’t go for spectacular architecture, on the contrary.”

Graanmarkt 13 is created as a welcoming and warm home, where everyone should feel at ease, with a restaurant, a shop, a gallery space and an apartment all under one roof. The remarkable concept occupies an entire townhouse in the center of Antwerp, with the traditional building being reworked by Vincent Van Duysen, one of Belgian’s best architects. In the past years owners Tim Van Geloven and Ilse Cornelissens turned Graanmarkt 13 into a household name, but wisely kept one secret to themselves. The initial idea was also to include a bed & breakfast on the top floors. But plans changed when Tim & Ilse saw the plans developing and decided to turn all available space into one luxurious apartment. Described as ’their best kept secret’, the apartment is now available for rent.

When entering the duplex apartment, you feel at home, a stylish home that is. Apart from the protected historic facade, Van Duysen’s signature style of brutalism, softened by natural materials, runs like a red thread throughout the building. Tim & Ilse used two floors as their private quarters and although they are gone, you can sense their presence in the smallest details. „We just packed our clothes and left”, Ilse argues. When she and Tim started their project, they both wanted to be on top of it, literally. But the project has grown, so have their children and now the family is moving into a family home with a garden. Tim adds: „I’m going to miss the terrace and the panoramic view on the city. And although you’re at the heart of the city, it’s very calm, green and quiet out here.” Graanmarkt 13 is located in the middle of the city, on a picturesque square where trees reveal the passing of the seasons. At the back of a building there’s an old ginkgo tree overlooking the rooftop garden and beehives, providing herbs and honey that chef Seppe Nobels uses in his dishes in the restaurant, which is located in the cellar.

Design Office: Vincent Van Duysen Architects

Location: Antwerp, Belgium

Photographs: Frederik Vercruysse

Apartement Marcellis | Pierre Noirhomme

Design Office: Pierre Noirhomme

Location: Liège, Belgium

Photographs: Samuel Defourny

HS Residence | Cubyc Architects

Design Office: Cubyc Architects

Location: Bruges, Belgium

Photographs: Koen Van Damme, Bart Musschoot

Villa GFR | Steven De Jaeghere Architectuuratelier

Design Office: Steven De Jaeghere Architectuuratelier

Location: Roeselare, Belgium

Photographs: Hendrik Biegs, Steven De Jaeghere

Loft Kelle | AABE – Atelier d’Architecture

Design Office: AABE – Atelier d’Architecture

Location: Belgium

Photographs: Jean Luc LALOUX