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HOMIZER architecture | design

HOMIZER architecture | design

Oops! Lamp | Yuue Design

The lamp that make you think it’s broken!

Description by Yuue Design:

Have you ever broken something at your friend’s home party and can’t escape the embarrassment?
Yuue design turns this embarrassment into unexpected fun with lamp series Oops! The series includes two types of pendant lamps for various situations. With this series, yuue design continues its exploration on interactive user experience. Oops! challenges our conventional understanding of using a lamp. By pulling the cord, the light bulb or  tube drops accidentally from its shade and turns on.

Design Office: Yuue Design
Materials: Aluminium, sheet metal, plastic
Technical details: 12V, 2A, LED warm white
Dining lamp:
Size: L38 x W38 x H60 cm, Weight: 2kg
Office lamp:
Size: L104 x W6 x H30 cm, Weight: 5 kg
Producer: Mamamoon


Archist | Federico Babina

Federico Babina : “ARCHIST is a playful interpretation of the expressive language and aesthetic of some of the most popular artists. I enjoyed creating 27 “paintingsprojects” which represented 27 different artists.

Description by Federico Babina:

ARCHIST is a playful interpretation of the expressive language and aesthetic of some of the most popular artists. I enjoyed creating 27 “paintingsprojects” which represented 27 different artists.
There is a Symbiotic Relationship an implicit partnership between Architecture and Art, different art branches meet in many fields. Art and architecture are disciplines that speak and lightly touch each other, the definition and function of the architecture are changing constantly with the development of contemporary art. In this exercise of style I took pleasure imagining architecture steeped of art, designed and constructed through the interpretation of an artist’s language. Art, architecture and sculpture are historically linked by an unbreakable thread, we find examples of paintings and sculptures having a direct influence on architectural design.
It is easy to find the art hidden behind an architectural shape or see reflected a geometry of a building painted on a canvas. It is impossible to conceive of the history of art in exclusion from that of architecture. Painting sculpture and architecture have always been complementary disciplines that influence each other and feed to grow and develop along common paths. A sculpture is like a micro-architecture, a facade can become like a painted canvas and a building can be shaped as in the hands of a skilled sculptor. I like finding the hidden architecture in parallel universes, in this sense, the illustration helps me to explore alternative languages. I tried to imagine how it would have been a house designed by Dalí or a museum designed by Miró. These images represent an imaginary and imagined world of shapes that uses the brush to paint architecture.

Design Office: Federico Babina

Coffee table | Daniel Pearlman


Description by Daniel Pearlman:

The table consists of three functional elements, a low coffe table, a chair and a side table or chest of drawer.
Each maintains its own character, and together they connect to a whole new harmonious piece of new furniture.
The chair and side table are tucked under the table, saving some space and making it easy to store. The furniture set is perfect for small living rooms and studio apartments.

Designer: Daniel Pearlman

Sizes: H 42 / W 120 / D 55

Bow Spring Chair | Conor Coghlan



Description by Conor Coghlan:

The bow spring chair was designed and fabricated as part of a furniture making workshop at MIT. I was interested in how the arms and legs of the chair could work in unison as a type of double bow spring structure – becoming extremely strong under direct loading, yet flexible and responsive to the shifting load of the user.

The legs and arms of the chair are made from 1/8” steam bent, glue laminated strips of ash secured at each end by folded steel shoes. CNC milled MDF formwork was required for the glue lamination of the legs and the seat of the chair. The steel shoes are made from sheet steel heated with a rosebud torch to enable the tight U-shaped geometry.

The side profile of the chair is extremely light consisting of three swooping lines – the two lines of the bow, and the single line of the chair itself. The legs/arms of the chair are flexible enough to respond to the movements of the user creating a very comfortable seat. The seat is fixed to the rear cross beam but can slide over the front beam allowing for a greater range movement. The clean lines of the swooping chair are maintained by fixing the cross beams to the underside of the bows.

Designer: Conor Coghlan

The Hydrant lamp | Eric Galano

Designer: Eric Galano


Andes Lamp | Cristián Mohaded

Description by Cristian Mohaded:

Andes lamps belong to the first collection in lightweight concrete designed by Cristian Mohaded for the Argentinean firm, INCONCRETE.
Andes use a fluid and malleable language to experiment with physical qualities of light concrete. The existing tension between its volume and morphology increases the sense of weightlessness, allowing concrete to become part of new spaces of a building or home. Its unique morphology was inspired by the observation of stressed structures such as membranes or shells, creating an appearance of stretchiness that transmits fluidity, making the lamps appear almost weightless.
The STRESS collection will soon introduce variations of the Andes lamps as well as new products such as tables, benches and other accessories, further exploring and enhancing this new language.

Design Office: Cristián Mohaded

Photographs: Emma Livingston

Chiuet Table | Design Jay

Steel pipe, Steel sheet.   H 500 x W 350 x L 520 (mm)

Design Office: Design Jay

Slope Wooden Lamp | Skrivo Design

A complete set of lamps, born from the simple idea of dressing the bulb: a body made in solid wood and a colored metal shade become an essential source of light.

Design Office: Skrivo Design

Manufactured by Miniforms

Swarm Lamp by Jangir Maddadi Design Bureau

Designer: Jangir Maddadi Design Bureau