Casa MdP | GLZ


Description by GLZ:

The architectural project concerns the restore of an around 100 square meters flat inside an early XXth century palace. The only interventions concern the demolition of some incongruous divisors, the reopening of doors and the rediscovery of the original spaces; as far as the finishes are concerned, substantial interventions were made: a complete scraping of the progressive coats of paint, on the walls and ceiling, that shows a few decorations of the beginning of the ‘900 characterized by bright and unexpected colours. Every room box is characterized by its own wall decorum and colour that defines its “taste.” The choice of a single layer of grey-green color both on the walls (in trimming of mortar), and on the floor (in resin), conveys a kind of “break” in favor of a more contemporary approach fitting, at the same time, the historical process made of overlaps and colour strata.

Design Office: GLZ

Location: Faenza, Italy

Photographs: Chiara Casanova

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