Humaita Apartment | Renata Ramos

Description by Renata Ramos:

  The purpose of the renovation was to adapt the 70m² apartment to the demands of a young couple. The main requests were the visual integration in social area (living, dining and kitchen), and the need for storage. The couple works partly from home, so it was necessary to provide a flexible office, which could serve as a guest bedroom.
The social area, although integrated, has three distinct functions: the kitchen, the dining room, and lounge/library. For the kitchen, a colorful tile floor and white matte tile on the walls was used. A 6-meter long counter runs from the kitchen to dining room, accommodating all utensils. The black wall conceals access to dormitories and serves as a background to the TV in the lounge/library. Dining room is characterized by the heavy concrete table, thonet chairs and pendant light.
The sanitary facilities were repositioned for better use of space. The materials used for the floor, walls and woodwork are neutral, to enlarge the room.
In the office, a multipurpose cabinet accommodates office supplies and the belongings of guests. A 3.5 meter long worktable runs from the closet to the chalkboard.
In the master bedroom warm tones were used. The closet in dark wood and the headboard in geometric marquetry brings visual interest to the space.

Design Office: Renata Ramos

Location: Porto Alegre, Brazil

Photographs: Marcelo Donadussi

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