Penthouse B27 | Hollin+Radoske Architekten

Description by Hollin+Radoske Architekten:

Lots of space and two atrium courtyards were offered by the 50’s penthouse above the roofs of Frankfurt. The layout was reorganized. An atrium with a bamboo garden and hot tub, one with a koi pond and a six-meter-long dining-and kitchen area connect with the existing structure into a cosmopolitan, expansive atmosphere. The sand-colored brick walls contrast with anthracite and light gray. Just as the kitchen, the sleeping area seems more of a fluid space sculpture than a conventional use of space. The various room areas have been zoned by exclusively purist furniture with invisible sliding doors, integrated lighting and hidden technology. Light-filled spaces intersperse with introspective retreat areas. Reduction in the design builds the backdrop for personal favorites.

Design Office: Hollin+Radoske Architekten

Location: Frankfurt, Germany

Photographs: Ludgar Paffrath

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