Loft in Berlin | Dreimeta Armin Fischer

A view of the world from Berlin: A global entre- preneur had a loft built in a listed brewery building. With the fantastic view over the roofs of Berlin the loft is given an unconcealed sensation. The interior has been made into a private, very personal retreat with authentic materials and treasures from throughout the world.

Description by Dreimeta Armin Fischer:

Our client: Inventor of a new market

The loft was designed for a couple, wherein the husband introduced an entirely new concept to the market; with it he initiated and designed a whole new segment in the hotel industry.The entrepreneur draws an enormous amount of expertise from his knowledge in the areas hospitality and design which he brings in to his projects. We used the couple‘s knowledge as important input for our concept to design the loft‘s interior.

Our task: Redesign a loft to make it into a private apartment

In order to become a private retreat for the couple, the Berlin loft had to fulfil various premises, some of which stood in contrast to each other: the client‘s sophisticated, almost museum term of aesthetics, functionality suitable for everyday use as well as a pleasant atmosphere to compensate for stressful travels throughout the world. We also had to allow for the client‘s request of having guest area in our spatial planning. There were three floors on site, including the roof and terrace. During the design process we remained in close contact with our clients in order to find convincing solutions for each and every task.

Our idea: A less-is-more concept with enough space for art

For a client who is at home throughout the world, his own four walls become a pole with which he can realign himself. For this reason we wanted to avoid extreme statements and rather provide a neutral film which the client could use to enfold his creativity and art affinity. A further approach was for us to stimulate the character of the historical building by working with corresponding materials.

Our creative solution: Calm colours, natural as well as industrial materials

Our colour and material concept for the loft focussed on calm colour shades – earthy shades in particular, in combination with white- washed brickwork.

The floors were covered in solid oak floorboards; mastic asphalt was used for the floor in the di- ning area, which will gradually gain patina and thus develop a unique look. Beside natural shades and materials, we also integrated industrial materials with a new interpretation. A rusty steel wall in the entrance area cites the industrial character of the loft which partitions off the storage space behind. In favour of the client‘s art collection, treasures, artefacts and objects from throughout the world, the interior design took a back seat and provided room for their staging.

Our success: Berlin dependance as a panora- mic viewing point and retreat

Between journeys around the world the owner can relax in his own private quiet zone in the middle of town. A retreat was created as a place to centre oneself as well as to house collectibles. A place to have an open, inspiring view on the world as well as a personal, introspective view in intimate surroundings, completely attuned to meet ones own requirements.


Design Office: Dreimeta Armin Fischer

Location: Berlin, Germany


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