Quinta dos Pombais House | OPERA – Design Matters

Description by OPERA – Design Matters:

The deployment of the house comes from the imposition of the polygon with removal of 50 meters to the extreme limits, maintenance of all trees and seeking views privileged obtained from altimetry 417,00. The program follows the guidelines of the owners with possibility of future expansion for 2 more rooms (for tourist exploitation). The house is carried out in three levels, with the aim of integrate as much as possible in the landscape and “follow” the natural inclination of the terrain. The location of the guest rooms on the lower level, oriented to the East, this space allows to separate the private area and also the future expansion of this area.

Design Office: OPERA – Design Matters

Location: Portugal

Photographs: Joao Morgado

Weave House | A-cero

Description by A-cero:

This house has been designed the distinctive style of the studio managed by Joaquín Torres and Rafael Llamazares architects, according to the design the evolution recent years with more sinuous and organic lines, this single-family house project is located in an exclusive residential area of the Spanish coast.

The property of 1000 sqm (10,764 sqft) is divided into three floors. The basement with the garage, service areas and facilities, the ground floor with the public areas and the first floor where we find the most private rooms such as bedrooms. The whole interior also designed by A-cero has great light with large windows and is connected to the outside with different terraces and porches. There is also a pool on the walkable roof of this house.

The design proposed by A-cero gives strength and subtlety to the whole building. The four facades are different but they follow the same patterns in terms of design. The materials chosen in this case are black glass and white DuPont Corian. Both materials stand out for their high quality and durability and especially in the case of Corian, adapting perfectly to this particular design.

This is a high quality house and the design shows it perfectly by itself. In this house become important the sculptural volumes embracing the building, the construction details between Corian and glass planes and the great plasticity of the facades.

The large plot of this project is located in an elevated position and overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. The detailed landscaping was also designed by A-cero in relation with the project.

Design Office: A-cero

Location: Spain

Photographs:  Marcos Domingo Sánchez

Private House | Ando Studio

Design Office: Ando Studio

NS Residence | Blatman Cohen Architects

Description by Blatman Cohen Architects :

The NS house location, relatively close to the sea, had a strong influence on its design. It was decided to place the house on the northern side of the lot for two reasons. Firstly, the north side is closer to the sea, so it will be possible have a view to the sea from the house second floor. Secondly, the residents, a family of five, had asked for a lawn facing south in order to have a pool on the southern side.

A direct connection between the interior and exterior and the ability to enjoy activities both inside and out, with all accompanying functions, were part of client requirement and were addressed in the design.

The house design blurs the distinction between interior and exterior, an important aspect of modern architecture, and maximizes the feeling of continuity and expansion of space. Ground floor, comprising a kitchen, service room, pantry, guest rest rooms, a dining area and living room, is open on both ends and creates an unobstructed view of both sides of the lawn. A pergola with wood beams that continue the entrance ceiling, a choice of identical floor wood tiles both for interior and exterior and a concrete wall that defines both the inside and outside living areas, further enhances the feeling of openness.

Upper, bedrooms floor is a wide box, supported by a bare concrete wall on one side and a wood paneled wall on the other, outlining and defining the entrance floor space. Designing of the construction for the house posted a special challenge to the engineers, which solved it by suspending the upper box structure from concrete beams like a bridge over the ground floor, eliminating any supports which might obstruct the continuity of space.

Relative distance from the street led to the decision to design the southern face of the upper cube without any openings, thus creating a strong contrast to the openness of the ground floor and also reducing heat accumulation in the staircase pier.

Part of the ground floor design is a free standing cube, containing a service room with exit to the yard, pantry and guest rest rooms. The structure is clad in cedar panels, further enhancing its separate character. Steel staircase leads to the upper, bedroom floor and is illuminated by soft, northern light reflected by the windowless south wall.

The open design concept of the house enabled a convenient division of functions between the yards. The front yard, comprising a swimming pool and open, well equipped kitchenette is used for hospitality and the back yard is designed as children playground. The house separates the two areas while still retaining a visual connection through the open ground floor.

A long pathway, made of uncut basalt slabs, leads from the southern side of the lot to the main entrance.

Choice of strong contrasting materials like dark stone, slate, black steel and wood, together with a use of minimal shapes, creates a dramatic yet warm atmosphere.

Design Office: Blatman Cohen Architects

Location: Netanya, Israel

Photographs: Amit Giron

Villa T | Arkham Project

Design Office: Arkham Project

Location: Brienno, Italy

Photographs: Marcello Marianna

House M | SoNo Architects


Design Office: SoNo Architects

Location: Slovenia

Photographs: Ziga Lovsin

Cowrie Road Home | MG Design & Building

Design Office: MG Design & Building

Location: Torquay, Victoria, Australia

Contemporary Timber House | Stommel Haus UK

Design Office: Stommel Haus UK

Location: Troisdorf, Germany

S Residence | Zwo P

Design Office: Zwo P

Location: Ulm, German

White Loft | Kashuk Constantine

Design Office: Kashuk Constantine

Location: Kiev, Ukraine

Laidley Street Residence | Michael Hennessey Architecture

Description by Michael Hennessey Architecture:

Located in the Glen Park neighborhood of San Francisco, this ground-up residence harnesses natural light throughout the day, captures views of a wind-swept park, and a makes a strong visual connection to the split-level road at the front of the property.

At the main living level, a continuous wall of rift-sawn oak veneer cabinetry runs the full length of the building tying the living area, kitchen, and dining area into one cohesive space.

Floor-to-ceiling glass at the master suite and dining area opens the interior spaces to a dramatic view of downtown San Francisco.

Design Office: Michael Hennessey Architecture

Location: San Francisco, California, USA

LOFT SanP | Paolo Larese De Tetto

Design Office: Paolo Larese De Tetto

Location: Padua, Italy

Photographs: Matteo Sandi

Victor Pradera | n232 arquitectura

Design Office: n232 arquitectura

Location: Logroño, Spain

Balmoral House | Fox Johnston Architects

Description by Fox Johnston Architects:

The project takes the form of a series of platforms, as buildings responding to the rhythm and topography of the site.

A long linear form to the west contains sleeping areas and bathrooms at the lower level, a garage space at an intermediate level and living areas and media room on the upper level. An elongated pool bounds this form and bleeds into the entry space, forming a shallow pool at the entry courtyard. A cabana is part of the eastern building opening onto a large deck and pool beyond. Above this space is a separate bedroom and bathroom opening onto a deck. Entry to the house is via an open courtyard, leading to a transitional space / lobby area that connects to upper and lower levels at mid way designed to create a gentle change between levels in the building.The upper level roof flips up to the north opening completely onto a north – east facing deck – sliding external walls and screens become part of the eastern face. The lower level bedrooms lead out onto private decks, with direct access to the pool below. Walls open and close, screened to provide privacy or sun control. The buildings narrow width and orientation allows good cross ventilation and sun filtration throughout each space.

Design Office: Fox Johnston Architects

Location: Balmoral, New South Wales, Australia

Photographs: Brett Boardman

Lakehouse Residence | [Strang] Architecture

Design Office: [Strang] Architecture

Location: Winter Haven, Florida, Usa

Diagonal House | Simon Whibley Architecture

Design Office: Simon Whibley Architecture

Location: Fitzroy, Australia

Apartment in Milan | Egidio Panzera

Design Office: Egidio Panzera

Location: Milan, Italy

Cloudy Bay Shack |Tonkin Zulaikha Greer Architects

Design Office: Tonkin Zulaikha GreerArchitects

Location: Blenheim, Marlborough, New Zealand

La Planicie House II | Oscar Gonzalez Moix

Design Office: Oscar Gonzalez Moix

Location: Lima, Peru

Photographs: Juan Solano, Oscar Gonzalez Moix

Buddys House | Sergey Makhno Architect

Design Office: Sergey Makhno Architect

Location: Kiev, Ukraine

Photographs: Andrey Avdeenko