Apartment in Kiev | Ivan Yurima Architects

Description by Ivan Yurima Architects:

When zoning focuses on the efficient use of space and natural light rooms. Planning decision apartments, built on the principle of flowing spaces, without corridors. Thus, it was possible to place on the existing area 6 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms, saving space. Each room is individualized, but is inscribed in the overall concept. The project concept is based on the principles of functionalism and minimalism. Ease of interior solutions emphasizes dynamism and openness of ideas. The decoration prevails wood and cool white. Light and color flow from one room to another. Particular attention is paid to the detailing and quality materials. The project uses eco-friendly materials and energy-saving technologies. The apartment is equipped with an automated system to ensure safety and comfort of living. Artificial lighting is thought out in terms of the destination premises and family needs. Management of lighting scenarios automated, manual adjustment and switching is performed using the touch switches, and mobile devices.

Design Office: Ivan Yurima Architects

Location: Kyiv city, Ukraine

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