Andes Lamp | Cristián Mohaded

Description by Cristian Mohaded:

Andes lamps belong to the first collection in lightweight concrete designed by Cristian Mohaded for the Argentinean firm, INCONCRETE.
Andes use a fluid and malleable language to experiment with physical qualities of light concrete. The existing tension between its volume and morphology increases the sense of weightlessness, allowing concrete to become part of new spaces of a building or home. Its unique morphology was inspired by the observation of stressed structures such as membranes or shells, creating an appearance of stretchiness that transmits fluidity, making the lamps appear almost weightless.
The STRESS collection will soon introduce variations of the Andes lamps as well as new products such as tables, benches and other accessories, further exploring and enhancing this new language.

Design Office: Cristián Mohaded

Photographs: Emma Livingston

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