House in Turin, Italy | MG2 Architetture

Design Office: MG2 Architetture

Location: Turin, Italy

Photographs: PEPE fotografia

Residence in Glyka Nera, Athens | WoArchitects

Description by WoArchitects:

The architectural synthesis is formed in an “L” shape, in which the core/point of reference is the courtyard/pool. Every space is developed in the perimeter of the courtyard and therefore, through the existence of light & water, a dynamic relation of view, luminosity & reflection is created between the inside & outside spaces. The concept is implemented through and with the creation of a 3d polyline (exposed concrete) & a wall (local stone).

Design Office: WoArchitects

Location: Glyka Nera, Athens, Greece

Photographs: Ioanna Roufopoulou