Fairhaven Beach House | John Wardle Architects


Fairhaven Beach House by John Wardle Architects from Dezeen on Vimeo.

Description by John Wardle Architects:

This nimble beach house enjoys panoramic views over the southern ocean and surf beach.

Located on top of the ridgeline above the Great Ocean Road on the Victorian coastline, the proportions, orientation and dimensions of windows are tailored to particular views and to reveal internal spaces.

Our design process is akin to scenography, cutting together sensory and spatial experiences to frame the theatre of inhabitation within.

The spatial journey through the house from arrival to view is choreographed to increase anticipation before reaching the main living space. As you step beneath a cantilevered study into a dramatic vertical entry space, you become acutely aware of a number of twists and folds along its length that make the transformation into horizontal living space. The main window aperture matches the cinematic proportions of the ocean view.

This beach house coils and steps around a protected central courtyard, which creates an outdoor space sheltered from the harsh prevailing winds. The living area doors and an oversized sliding kitchen window open up and integrate the courtyard with the house during fine weather.

Materially the house is clad in a green-grey zinc cladding, for both its longevity and natural colouring that merges with the scrub and tea tree landscape. In contrast, the interior surfaces of the house are completely lined in timber to form an enclosure for living that its inhabitants become completely immersed within.

Your eye is then always drawn toward the dramatic outlook beyond.

Design Office: John Wardle Architects

Location: Victoria, Australia

The Sea | West Chin Architects


Description by West Chin Architects:

This 60’ wide x 100’ deep corner lot on the Atlantic Ocean is an addition to the fabric of a community which is a city by the sea; an absolutely beautiful dichotomy of nature and man.

This is the first house in the United States to use the environmentally conscious structurally dynamic BBS wood structural panels from Austria. These panels allow a minimal floor slab thickness and large spans, and in the same breadth provides insulation value. The BBS acts as the interior and / or exterior finishes in many cases; this was a warm balance to the vast amount of glass on the façade and the exposed reinforced thermal concrete wall.

The use of a solar panel on the south facing roof will put energy back on the grid during the week, when the house is not in use. And during the weekends it will supplement the electrical needs of this 5,500 sq ft house.

At the top of the interior stair one will find the 26’ wide bi-fold garage door that opens up to an unobstructed view of the ocean, beaches and horizon. Every element of this beach home takes advantage of its natural surroundings.

Design Office: West Chin Architects

Location: Long Beach, New York, Usa

Photographs: Eric Laignel