Sorocaba House | Estudio BRA arquitetura

Description by Estudio BRA arquitetura – Henrique Menezes:

Located in a residential neighborhood in Sorocaba City, 80km from Sao Paulo, Brazil, the horizon has been marked by the shape of this contemporary house.

Composed of two overlapping volumes, the house derives from the intention to release the largest possible area for living spaces and provide fluidity between the spaces. The upper volume was designed bigger than the lower one, because of that half of the house seems to float on the ground and provides shadow and a relaxing space on the yard.

With the intention of ensuring influx of natural lighting and ventilation, the project has large openings on the facades and coverage, and that also contribute to the composition of its main facades. Downstairs, the living room can be completely opened to the garden by sliding glass panels, creating an extension of your home to the outside and making their environments mingle, inviting the plants and flowers to get into the living room. To ensure the privacy of intimate settings on the upper floor the openings are protected by wooden shutters painted in white, beyond the glass on the inner face.

 The architects prioritized the spatial richness. About the materiality, internal walls received painting and external walls are covered by a mineral texture, both white. The internal floor is white granilite and the external a mixed of grey and white cement. That variation of textures with similar colors creates a special feeling when you are walking through the spaces. The horizontal and vertical circulations receive natural lighting by opening on the ceiling, turning these spaces into a small gallery exhibition of paintings and everyday life’s objects. These aspects gave the house a plastic result of contemporary identity.

 Built on a plot measuring 7 by 22 meters, the structure was designed in order to release the maximum space on the ground floor, the movement of the volumes resulted in an girder reinforced concrete beam that runs throughout the swing side of the house measuring 14 meters.

Design Office: Estudio BRA arquitetura

Location: São Paulo, Brazil

Photographs: Pedro Kok

The Wooden Apartment | PartiDesign Studio

Design Office: PartiDesign Studio

Location: Taiwan

Photographs: Hey! Cheese Photography

Bondi Beach Penthouse | MPR Design Group

Design Office: MPR Design Group

Location: Bondi beach, Sydney, Australia

Greenwich Village Loft | RAAD Studio

Description by RAAD Studio:

This prewar loft in NYC’s Greenwich Village is an essay in materials. Wood, steel, Corian and plaster are treated as a narrative through the space. At the entry, these materials are at their most raw, elemental form, and moving back through the loft they are treated with an increasing degree of sophistication and precision. A ladder on a rail accompanies this journey, moving through the entire length of the property.

Design Office: RAAD Studio

Location: Greenwich Village, New York

Photographs: Daniel Shea

ZA House | Studio Guilherme Torres

Design Office: Studio Guilherme Torres

Location: São Paulo, Brazil

Photographs: MCA Estudio – Denilson Machado

Elwood House | Preston Lane

Description by Preston Lane:

Elwood House features the adaptive reuse and transformation of a cold, dark and inefficient 1915 Edwardian house into a warm and light filled family home that has direct connections to the outside.

The new material palette of concrete block, brick, timber and polished concrete complement the original red brick and stucco house. Full height north-facing steel framed doors and windows allow natural light into the new living area extension opening up the new living spaces to the rear garden.  Black glazed bricks were selected for the dividing fireplace element between the living and dining areas accentuating the drama between textures and materials.

Design Office: Preston Lane

Location: Victoria, Australia

Photographs: Derek Swalwell

Chiltern House | WOW Architects – Warner Wong Design

Description by WOW Architects – Warner Wong Design:

The spaces in this family home on Chiltern Drive in central Singapore were crafted like a garment, woven around the needs and desires of its inhabitants. The home aspired to be deeply rooted, connected to the surrounding environment, the history of its development, as well as the family’s lifestyle.

The house was constructed as a single monolithic concrete structure. The woven steel reinforcement and raw timber formwork into which the concrete was cast have imprinted the process of building into its surfaces, with rugged lines in the concrete and hints of steel reinforcement in the walls and ledges. As the early morning sun casts shadows across the textured horizontal bands left behind in the concrete where the timber formwork once was, the memory of the construction process itself marks the passing of time and reminds the family of the effort, desire, and realization of their dream.

The spaces within and around the house were designed for each family member to enjoy their own privacy and commune with nature, as well as spaces where they could meaningfully come together in the creation and continuation of family rituals around meals, greetings, and homecomings. The house is articulated around a square geometry in plan, but the spatial arrangement within this straightforward framework is a complex interplay of large and deep spaces and connections that stretch across the length of the house in various directions. These elongated rooms draw the eye across them, at times relating to the views of the garden, across extended windows that skirt the skyline and horizon or to focus the exaggerated perspectives on select elements within a room. These visual connections within the rooms as well as from space to space help to unite the inhabitants and make them aware of each other’s movements within the house as well as strongly link the house to its surrounding environment.

The living and dining rooms are connected in one continuous space with a swimming pool at one end and a rear garden at the other. Along the length of the room, a low bay window ledge cast into the folds of the wall and a long horizontal window opening provide an intimate and direct connection to the landscape, as well as casual seating that can comfortably accommodate one or many people. Similarly, the expansive kitchen island that extends across the tall and grand kitchen runs parallel to a broad view of the rear garden and makes the kitchen a bright and pleasant room that is just as much a social space as a working area.

With this architectural language of deep spaces and extensive windows, dramatic linear vistas of the gardens that surround the house are framed. The views to the greenery provide a sense of serenity and reflection to the inhabitants and ground them to their environment. The culmination of these views occurs in the master bedroom that runs across the entire front façade of the top storey with a singular horizontal opening across its frontage. This broad window takes in a spectacular and uninterrupted view of the suburban skyline beyond.

Although the house was designed as an integrated experience of the architecture, interior and landscape design, each discipline has its unique expression and concept; the architecture with its rugged concrete aesthetic and expressed construction process, the landscape with four levels of distinct solutions for different spatial objectives using a variety of tropical landscape strategies, and the interiors with a tapestry of personal artifacts that subtly convey the history of the family.

Design Office: WOW Architects – Warner Wong Design

Location: Singapore

Photographs: Aaron Pocock

Outer Space for Kids | HAO Interior Design

Design Office: HAO Interior Design

Location: Kaohsiung City, Taiwan

Photographs: Hey! Cheese Photography

Men’s Choice II | at26

Description by at26:

This private apartment is located in the centre of Piestany, small Slovak Town well known for the popular spa. Area of the apartment is around 148 sq meters situated on the first floor of the house from 1938.Apartmnet was mainly designed for distingushed private parties and relaxation.

  Its layout consists of two connected generous spaces. First one is mix of „private“ and „public“: large lobby, occasional working place and sleeping area conected with the spectacular bathroom.  Second one is a spacious party room. You can do there whatever you want or feel to in the same time – watch TV, read th book or prepare delicious dinner for your friends on the black “altar“ of the kitchen.

Interior surfaces are created by the scale of black & white base complemented with natural texture of oak and unveiled black painted bricks. Furniture contains well known pieces by B&B Italia, Porro or Moooi as well.

All those essences are mixed up into one great unit with timeless look…

Design Office: at26

Location: Piestany, Slovakia

Photographs: Jakub Dvorak

Fairmont Penthouse | Robert Bailey Interiors

Design Office: Robert Bailey Interiors

Location: Vancouver, Canada

Photographs: Josh Dunford

Aupiais House | Site Interior Design

Design Office: Site Interior Design

Location: Camps Bay, South Africa

House in Birch Forest | Aleksandr Zhidkov

Design Office: Aleksandr Zhidkov

Location: Polivanovo, Moscow, Russia

Sambade House | spaceworkers®

Description by spaceworkers®:

Based on the genetic of the place, the intervention holds, as the main goal, the creation of a contemporary space without disturbing the peace of the countryside area. A pure volume, with rectangular base, is adjusted to the ground and opens into the green landscape. The volumetric purity, desired by the customer, sets the mood for the project and the new inhabitant of the place is, now, one of the terraced fields of the perfectly balanced ground. Thus, the act of inhabiting unfolds through the volume of concrete, pure, raw, adjusted to the ground, just waiting to grow old as the days go by… reflecting the life of the countryside.

Design Office: spaceworkers® 

Location: Penafiel, Portugal

Photographs: Fernando Guerra – FG+SG

Cliff House | Fearon Hay Architects

Description by Fearon Hay Architects:

Sited above a cliff overlooking Rangitoto and the Hauraki Gulf. The client sought a two-storey glass volume that could maximise the views while providing shelter from prevailing weather.

Design Office: Fearon Hay Architects

Location: Auckland, New Zealand

Photographs: Patrick Reynolds

Casa Jardins | CR2 Arquitetura

Design Office: CR2 Arquitetura

Location: São Paulo, Brazil

Photographs: Fran Parente

LA House | Studio Guilherme Torres

Design Office: Studio Guilherme Torres 

Location: Londrina, Brazil

Magliocco House | savioz fabrizzi architectes

Description by savioz fabrizzi architectes:

surrounded by vines, the site enjoys a superb view of the mountains and the valley. the building is set into the slope of the site and tries to blend into the landscape through its proportions, the materials used, and the way in which it is rooted into the ground.

the building has a cellar level which is partially underground and a level above ground containing the living space. the slab on the ground floor joins the house to the ground to the north. between this slab and the roof slab, boxes enclose the rooms used at night and the service areas. the resultant empty spaces between these boxes are the daytime-use spaces, which are full of light thanks to the wide floor-to-ceiling windows. an outdoor terrace is sited close to the dining room, with a shady tree growing in an opening in the slab.

a platform of sanded white concrete set on a grey base forms the support for the boxes, whose rendered brown walls echo the colours of the vines in autumn. the roof slab, also in white concrete, covers the upper floor and supports a 4-sided sloping roof.

large canvas awnings are incorporated into the roof slab all around the building, providing protection from heat and glare. insulated glazing, good thermal insulation and a geothermal heat pump ensure optimum energy performance.

Design Office: savioz fabrizzi architectes

Location: Chamoson, Valais, Switzerland

Photographs: Thomas Jantscher

HS Residence | Cubyc Architects

Design Office: Cubyc Architects

Location: Bruges, Belgium

Photographs: Koen Van Damme, Bart Musschoot

Derby House | Daniel Lomma Design

Design Office: Daniel Lomma Design  

Location: Derby, Western Australia

Three Parts House | Architects EAT

Description by Architects EAT:

A 520sqm single family house in the sought-after area of Auburn Heights, Hawthorn. This is a larger scale alteration and addition to a 1950s clinker brick residence on a 1200sqm block of land. The design consists of 3 main components: a glass lantern; a courtyard; and a brick house. Landscape design by the award winning Jim Fogarty Design.

Design Office: Architects EAT

Location: Melbourne, Australia

Photographs: Earl Carter & James Coombe