Minimalist Loft | Oliver Interior Design

Description by Oliver Interior Design:

The project has 423.5 SQM (4,560 SQFT) space, the home owner likes his home to be decorated with modern simple style. It has 5 bedrooms, plus living and kitchen.

The entrance looks broad and has magnificent marble partition. The dining and kitchen adopted open patterns. TV wall, a super eye sucking area, looks to have even deeper sense of space with stone paper ornament. The master bedroom used mirror to create the depth of view.

The entire project reflects the desire from most wealthy Taiwanese to provide a comfortable and not luxury living space for their family.

Design Office: Oliver Interior Design

Location: Kaohsiung City, Taiwan

46 Water Street Heritage Building | Omer Arbel

Description by Omer Arbel:

The project consisted of a seismic upgrade and restoration of a heritage building in Vancouver’s historic Gastown district, and a loft interior design project.

The loft is organized around a new courtyard open to above, inserted into the heritage fabric of the building, allowing light into the centre of the very deep plan.

All other interior elements are rendered crisply using precisely machined elements, conceived to stand in strong contract to the rough heritage fabric of the existing shell.

Design Office: Omer Arbel

Location: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Photographs: Martin Tessler