Apartment flat in Markučiai | Inblum

Description by Inblum:

In this project, Inblum has completely remodelled the upper apartment in a two-apartment private house in Vilnius.
The architects shaped the new sloped roof of the house that provided the interior with stunning space and exposed roof structure.
In the living area, a multifunctional shelving unit was designed. It keeps all necessary household equipment (kitchen, fireplace, tv, storage) in one object thus adding more room to this compact space.
Concrete has been extensively used for various purposes. The refractory concrete fireplace has been individually designed for this project. The kitchen unit has a distinct concrete worktop, with the front panels forming a perfect match owing to special materials used.

Design Office: Inblum

Location: Vilnius, Lithuania

Photographs: Darius Petrulaitis

Mehr House | Krishnan+Parvez+Architects

Description by  Krishnan+Parvez+Architects:

Part of a gated community, in proximity to Kalote Lake, in serene village surroundings, the house called for a contemporary rural weekend retreat feel.

Conceptually, the layout and the materials fulfilled these conditions. Large volumes, natural stones, breezy ventilated indoors, graphic openable screens, vistas to the scenic surroundings, maintenance-free finishes, and art-sensitive interiors enveloped the design of the house. On a tight plot, the house was laid out to use every open space as verandas and service courts. The lower level housed the living, dining, kitchen, staff quarters, and two guest bedrooms. The private bedrooms in the upper level could overlook the central living volume. Large pivoted screen panels allow play of light in the bedrooms.

Commissioned art in the master bedroom essays the story of the client’s family. Firebricks, lime plaster, in-situ cement mosaic, and the brown stone echo hues of the natural context.

Design Office: Krishnan+Parvez+Architects

Location: Raigad, India