Norman Park Penthouse | D’Cruz Design Group

Design Office: D’Cruz Design Group

Location: Brisbane, Australia

Apartment in Kamatero, Greece | LKMK Architects

Description by LKMK Architects:

This 125 sq.m. apartment is located on the second floor of a 4-story block of flats constructed in the 90s. The project involved the rearrangement of the floor plan in order to cover the modern functional needs, but also the aesthetic requirements of a young couple.
The ambiance created by the warm-coloured artificial illumination, in conjunction with the selected materials, such as the wallnut floor and the choice of colours for the walls, eventually create a feeling of warmth-familiarity, which was what the owners wanted to.

Design Office: LKMK Architects

Location: Kamatero, Attica, Greece

Photographs: Panagiotis Voumvakis

Polanco Penthouse | Gantous Arquitectos

Description by Gantous Arquitectos:

A penthouse showplace atop a building in an exclusive—but intensely urbanized—city district leverages brilliant urban panoramas while maintaining absolute privacy. Interior gardens cultivate nature, linking terraces and patios for unimpeded room-to-room transparency, and flood natural light into every corner. Vegetation and residence layout arise organically while cleverly blocking neighbors and other urban encroachments; simple finishes—Navona travertine and rich wainscoting—provide the final, impeccable touch.

Design Office: Gantous Arquitectos

Location: Ciudad de México, Mexico

Photographs: Gantous Arquitectos

V-21 Apartment | Valentirov & Partners

Design Office: Valentirov & Partners

Location: Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine

Photographs: Tanya Kovalenko