Apartment in Moscow | Yevhen Zahorodnii

Description by Yevhen Zahorodnii:

The apartment consists of a small living room with kitchenette, hallway, two bathrooms and bedrooms. Initially, the design was very important to preserve the visual perception of space as a whole, so that all areas of apartment, including the floorboard, were involved.

Thanks to the bright hues of the walls, the room looks spacious and bright. Temperature contrast of colors accentuated by dark granite wall panels.
Color solution is reflected in the choice of furniture in the living room: soft and neutral shades sofa second general range of colors and tone deaf dark cherry two armchairs supported color paintings.
Dining area represented a harmonious contrast to strict forms of furniture and light fixture surround.
Closet, located in the corridor in the entire height of the walls, very optimizes space.
Design Office: Yevhen Zahorodnii
Location: Moscow, Russia

Apartment in Belgrade | Aleksandar Savikin

Description by Aleksandar Savikin:

The apartment is located in a building that was designed by the same author so it was a great pleasure to design such a space. The work is marked by the excellent cooperation with the client who is identified in a concept of an open space and all further cooperation in interior design runs smoothly. Special attention in the design of the apartment is dedicated to getting as many zones in a common area as possible where one may spend free time.

Duplex apartment is 217m2 (2,335ft2) floor area with a terrace on the upper level of 180m2 (1,940ft2). The lower level consists of a large common living room area (zone 1) , dining room (Zone 2) , a kitchen with a bar ( zone 3) and terrace (zone 4) . From this area the stairs lead to the upper level in the area of “winter garden” from which there is access to a large terrace.

At this level there is a large entrance wardrobe and a toilet as well as a guest room with a walk-in closet and a bathroom.

On the upper level there is also one master bedroom and one child’s room. In the winter garden there is a pilot kitchen with built-in wine fridge. In the summer that space can be integrated with a terrace by opening a large double sliding door but during the cooler periods it is a cozy corner providing a wide view of the terrace.

Two ambiental parts have been created in this area – one at the bar with high stools placed by the kitcenette, which can be transformed into a flat surface after the special tap is inserted inside the sink that is, in turn, covered by a board. Such a surface can be used for placing a laptop on or simply for sipping a glass of wine taken from the wine fridge (zone 5) . The second ambient consists of two “shell chairs” with a mini library and it is an area for relaxation in comfortable seats, reading, talking (zone 6).

Large terrace (Zone 7), which is accessible from all rooms on the upper level is surrounded by jardinière with a variety of greenery. Jardinière is at the same time a bench under which is run a hidden LED strip to illuminates the terrace. There is also comfortable outdoor furniture on the terrace, a sun bed, garden parasols and a shower.

Bricks are a motif that runs along both levels and connecting them. With its strong texture and dark color it provides a good contrast to large glass areas and selected furniture. Furniture and lighting are a mixture of timeless pieces from the past and the modern design.

Design Office: Aleksandar Savikin

Location: Belgrade, Serbia