Cornerstone Cafe | Paul Crofts studio

Description by Paul Crofts studio:

The café is Set within an old warehouse at the Royal Arsenal Riverside in Woolwich east London. The industrial building was formerly part of a munitions factory producing weaponary for the royal navy and armed forces. The building has been stripped back to a shell retaining its original material character and emphasizing its industrial heritage. The scheme leaves the original features intact and the design is an insertion of new elements to contrast with the existing fabric of the building. The original concrete render is left exposed and the banquettes create the delineation between old and new with a continiuos line running into the window reveals and concluding with a waiter station at the door. The seats are upholstered in a military green further emphazing the link to the buildings history. Reference to the buidlings heritage is again reflected in use of the chevron pattern which draws its inspiration from the insignia on military uniforms. Bespoke tables in solid oak have have the chevron pattern screen printed directly on the surface in a mixture of grey and whites with metal powder coated legs giving a visual reference to an industrial workbench. Industrial unfinished hot rolled steel lines the kitchen walls and is also used to create the wall mounted menus. Display boxes have a routed chevron detail into the surface of European Oak. A modern interpretation of an industrial fitting are the Nonla lights designed by Paul Crofts. The service counter and display wall is are deliberately new insertions in contrast to the rough existing interior surfaces. The materials are cnc routed hi Macs with inset timber chevrons. The pattern fades from solid wood on one side and breaks away to become white Hi Macs with a routed chevron pattern. The display shelves are then edged with a brass trim.

Design Office: Paul Crofts studio

Location: London, United Kingdom

Photographs: Paul Crofts studio

Duplex Apartment | The New Design Project

Description by The New Design Project:

With a blissful color palette and a seamless mix of statement pieces, graphic artwork and ethnic accessories, this Chelsea duplex apartment oozes sophistication and elegance.

The inviting and generously proportioned low-slung sectional in the living room makes the most of the high ceilings and natural light, and sets the tone for the rest of the scheme. An oversized pendant cloche lamp acts as a sculptural centerpiece, while the brass coffee table, a custom piece designed by The New Design Project and crafted by DCM Fabrication, exudes stylish simplicity. The black media wall injects a sense of depth and drama to the space, while the cabinet below, another collaboration piece between TNDP and DCM, features a golden ratio pattern on the front and a brass inlay on the top that subtly echoes the brass accents present elsewhere in the room. An assortment of ethnic accessories sit harmoniously alongside custom artwork made from sheets of marble, black and brass laminate, all of which are reflected back in the large antique mirror hanging above the fireplace.

In the dining room, the blue and green color palette imbues the space with a sense of calm and serenity. Clean lined vintage mid-century lounge chairs are paired with a vintage Moroccan rug and petrified wood side table to create a graceful seating area. Meanwhile, the marble and walnut dining table is matched with vintage caned dining chairs that have been reupholstered in a mid-century inspired blue-green fabric. The custom chandelier, based on a design by Lindsey Adelman, brings a sense of architectural theatre to the space. Most artwork by The New Design Project.

Design Office: The New Design Project

Location: Chelsea, New York, Usa

Photographs: Alan Gastelum

LP House | Metro Arquitetos

Description by Metro Arquitetos:

The architectural project for this house consists of two main volumes; ground floor and superior floor.

The ground floor embraces most of the program of the house and is organized by a longilineal volume that incorporates all of the wet areas; two bathrooms, kitchen and laundry room. This main volume stretches along the whole extension of the house, parallel to the lateral border and demarcating the end and initial point of the site.

The main areas of the house, living room and bedrooms, open up towards the garden in a transverse direction to the wet areas. The elevated flooring, 45cm above the ground level, allows the front of the house to be used as a comfortable seating area facing the garden.

The whole structure of the house is made of reinforced concrete with a solid concrete slab and inverted beam. All enclosures are of concrete, glass and wooden panels. The superior floor, where the office is located, consists of a lighter construction, made out of steel panelling and metal structure.

The cantilever on both extremities and the narrow slit between the floor beam and the roof slab accentuate the idea of two independent volumes. The stairway is the element that unites both of these volumes, even if positioned on the outside of the house. This makes it possible to go up and down without the need for going inside the house.

Design Office: Metro Arquitetos

Location: Sao Paulo, Brazil

Photographs: Leonardo Finotti