Residence in Athens, Greece | Work in Progress

Description by Work in Progress:

The residence is built on a high inclination ground, with a mesmerizing view of the city of Athens on the west. Therefore, the  main objective was to maintain this view unobstructed from all levels of the residence. This decision led to the linear arrangement of the building, parallel to the length of the site. The building is composed of three prisms, placed on a differentiated (by colour) base. The first prism has a marble cladding and includes the living spaces of the house. The second prism overlaps the first, shading the western side of the first prism. The third prism ‘’embraces’’ the other two and establishes vertical connection between them. Furthermore, it becomes a boundary towards the neighbours, enhancing privacy. The material selection creates a feeling of warmth that balances out the austerity of the prisms. The colour palette of the materials has an earthly base. The materials are natural, mainly marble and wood. The external cladding is continued in the inside of the residence, creating an integral for each prism. This continuity is conspicuous from the outside of the building through the large windows and enhances the visual unification between the outside and the inside of the building.

Design Office: Work in Progress

Location: Politeia, Athens, Greece

Photographs: George Fakaros

Contemporary House in Israel | Sharon Weiser

Design Office: Sharon Weiser

Location: Ramat HaSharon, Israel

Ellis Residence | McClean Design

Description by McClean Design:

Our clients wanted to move to a smaller home now that their children had moved out and chose a street to street lot high on a hill overlooking Laguna Beach and its famous beaches. The beauty of this property is that views are available from both levels. A key issue was trying to decide where to locate parking and entry. There was early opposition from the local review board which led to a split solution where parking is taken from the street below with guests entering from above. The garage can be reached by staircase or elevator ensuring that the house will continue to work for our clients as they grow older.

Removing the garage from the upper street allowed us to create an attractive garden for the kitchen to look out on. The entryway is reached by a staircase that traverses a water feature before the view is revealed. The house is designed for the couple to live mainly on one level which has the master bedroom sharing the top floor with the primary living spaces while guest rooms, an office, and storage are created below.

Design Office: McClean Design

Location: Laguna Beach, CA, Usa