476 Broadway Loft | Casamanara

Design Office: Casamanara

Location: New York, Usa

Photographs: Evan Joseph

The Matsuki Residence | HEAD Architecture and Design

Description by HEAD Architecture and Design:

HEAD Architecture’s design to combine two apartments into one home on Hong Kong’s Lantau Island created a singular space drawing together all elements of family life into an informal, open living area. Completed in limited time, this warm, adaptable home mirrors a growing family’s needs for space and flexibility.

Design Office: HEAD Architecture and Design

Location: Lantau Island, Hong Kong

Loft apartment in former radio technics factory | Inblum

Description by Inblum:

One of the first loft-type living spaces in Vilnius, Loft apartment, was expected to become a proving ground for new ideas, materials and solutions. The very space of this neglected factory building has dictated an arrangement of open plan functional areas, also exposing the preserved original structures. With minimal means and resources, a truly functional and innovative living space was created. The successful realization of the project has significantly promoted the idea of lofts as living and working spaces in Lithuania.
The interior project of “Loft apartment in former radio technics factory” took the 1st Prize at the Golden Palette, also receiving an award for the original furniture at the “Interior of the Year ‘09”.

Design Office: Inblum

Location:  Vilnius, Lithuania

Photographs: Andrejs Nikiforovs

Villa Ritka | Studio pha

Description by Studio pha:

The basic idea is a kind of enclosure of the building in and on itself, and the use of the sloping batground to divide the building into a two-storey main residential part on the upper part of the land and a lower building containing the garages and entrance hall further down the slope. The result is essentially a two-storey house with a flat roof, positioned atop the concrete “retaining wall” of the lower structure. The house’s plan is of “U”-shape, or equally it could be described as a rectangle with an interior atrium open on one side to the surrounding landscape. Inside the atrium is a small pool, which ensures for this space pleasant cooling, reinforced by the system of louvered blinds against the sun.

The flat roof is weighted down with tiles, forming a kind of terrace landscaping retaining surfaces of flower-boxes filled with vegetation. As a result, the structure appears – even seen from above on the access road – as an organic compact whole of pleasing appearance. In this way, the roof becomes itself a fifth facade.

Design Office: Studio pha

Location: Ritka, Czech Republic

Photographs: Filip Šlapal